Watch Keith Whitley & Lorrie Morgan’s First Interview Inside New Home After Their Wedding

Keith Whitley Lorrie Morgan country music

We received some huge news in the country music world today, as Keith Whitley was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame this morning.

It’s hard to find an artist more deserving, considering how many hits he cranked out in such little time, before his tragic death in 1989.

We’re talking about a guy who may have gone down as the best to ever do it, had he lived out a full career, and even Waylon Jennings called him “the greatest country singer ever” the day he passed away.

I found myself going down a Keith Whitley rabbit hole after such an eventful day, and found this hidden gem of Keith and his wife and fellow country singer Lorrie Morgan.

The video is one of their first interviews after getting hitched in 1986, inside their new home.

Whitley recalled the night sparks flew between the two:

“She came up to me and told me I was her favorite male singer, and I proceeded to tell her we’d have to get together for dinner sometime.

I called her next day and got her code phone, and I thought ‘Well she probably not even gonna return my call,’ and she called me back that night, and we got together the next day.”

He also discussed how important it was that the two had prior experience in the music business before meeting each other, which helped him be himself whenever he was home with her.

Whitley also weighed in on the success he’d seen up to that point in his career, and how it fared to what he expected when he was playing bluegrass music at 16-years-old:

“It’s a lot better, and when you think at several times in your life that you’re not gonna get the chance to do it for one reason or another, that it is never gonna happen for you, and when it finally starts to, it’s really great.”

Man, a legend gone way too soon.

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