Flatland Cavalry Set To Release Acoustic ‘Far Out West Sessions’ Project

Flatland Cavalry country music
Fernando Garcia

I can’t get enough of these Flatland Cavalry Far Out West Sessions.

For those who aren’t too familiar, the boot-stompin’ country band has released a few videos of them playing stripped-down versions of songs from their latest album, Welcome To Countryland, singing from various locations across the Trans-Pecos region of Texas.

So far, we’ve gotten “It’s Good To Be Back (‘Round Here Again),” “Dancin’ Around A Fire,” and “Daydreamer.”

And for the latest installment, it’s “Tilt Your Chair Back.”

For the video, it’s front man Cleto Cordero, fiddler Wesley Hall, Reid Dillon on the harmonica, and Adam Gallegos on the banjo, as they simply sit around a living room, perfectly depicting the laid back feel that “Tilt Your Chair Back” gives you.

With that being said, the group has officially announced today that they’ll be releasing the Far Out West Sessions album on all platforms on May 6th, as they dropped “Tilt Your Chair Back” as the lead single today.

Flatland frontman Cleto Cordero reflects on the acoustic project:

“Up until the pandemic pulled us off the road, we as a band had spent the last five years relentlessly touring and being away from home; seeing the entire country firsthand through the windshield of a white van. All of those experiences led to what would form the collection of songs that made ‘Welcome To Countryland.’

What better way to honor our time at home than to return to square one and share these songs and stories, broken down and unplugged, in the simple and stunning country land from where I belong?

After the long and loud journey that has been our touring career, performing to seas of thousands of loud and rowdy crowds, what a breath of fresh and dusty Far West Texas air to break things down to their simplest elements and play a song or two for the crickets and the creosote– for the spirits of my ancestors!

Long before my mom and dad decided to settle in Midland, TX and raise their large family of seven children, our family’s story began out in their magnificent big backyard, the Trans-Pecos Region of Texas, specifically Redford and Presidio, TX.

The opportunity to travel back to where my family’s humble origins begin in Far West Texas was incredible. I haven’t been out that way in over fifteen years or so and was deeply moved by the sentiment of “returning home.” Getting to sing songs in the country that shaped my family’s character was a spiritual experience.”

You can check out the full track-list below:

1. Dancin’ Around A Fire
2. Daydreamer
3. It’s Good To Be Back (‘Round Here Again)
4. Tilt Your Chair Back
5. Gettin’ By
6. Country Is…
7. Life Without You

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