Maddie & Tae’s Maddie Gives Teary-Eyed, Wine Drunk Acceptance Speech At The CMT Awards, Calls Tae After To Come Over

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Maddie and Tae took home the CMT Award for Group/Duo Video of the Year last night for their song, “Woman You Got”.

But, Maddie Font took the stage solo to accept their award, because the other half of the pair, Tae Kerr, just brought her preemie newborn home after spending three months in the NICU.

And it’s my favorite award show acceptance speech I’ve seen in a long time.

Maddie got visibly emotional on stage, starting off her speech by referencing part of what Denzel Washington told Will Smith after the infamous slap at the Oscars about the Devil:

“Damn! Let me tell you about the devil. He’ll try to get you when you’re doing right, but God loves you. God loves you. OK Devil, let’s go baby!”

She held a card with notes on it that read “God loves you” on the back, and got even more teary-eyed when she realized Tae was on the big screen behind her with her little one, Leighton Grace, as she continued, saying how much she missed her friend:

“Oh, I miss you. I miss you so much, I can’t do this without you. That’s my girl. And I’ve been drinking because I’m so nervous. Tae, I miss you so bad.”

She also thanked their team, and apologized for saying the “F-word”, before noting how much God has done for them recently and how it was much bigger than an award for them:

“Thank you, tell that baby girl I love her… Most importantly, the resilience that God has built in us and our team, the clarity He has given us, the strength He gives us, the vision God gives us, and the peace He brings. This is much bigger than a music video award to us.”

And you might be wondering why she was that worked up over a CMT Award, and towards the end of her speech, she revealed she was a little bit wine drunk (probably the only way you could actually enjoyably sit through the show):

“I’m cryin’, I’ve been drinking win, God knows me. Thank you, Jesus and CMT, I’m so grateful.”

It will certainly do that to a girl, especially when you’re drinking to calm your nerves…

The speech is so authentic and funny, and honestly, I don’t think I’ve related to someone this much at an award show in a long time:

But the best part was after she got off stage, when she called Maddie and asked if she could come over to celebrate…

But she made sure to ask another very important question, seeing as Tae is currently at home with a tiny newborn:

“So can I come to your house and we just get drunk? Okay. Did you already pump? Okay, she already pumped, we’re ready to party!”

I love that Maddie is the wine drunk friend calling Tae to see if she can stop by and drink more, but made sure Tae had pumped and prepared to do so beforehand.

I have a close friend who had a baby several months ago, as well, and if this ain’t the most accurate representation of my life right now, I don’t know what is (well, besides the CMT Award):

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