‘Yellowstone’ Fan Notices Production Gaffe Involving Jimmy In The Season 4 Premiere

Jefferson White Yellowstone

As great of a show as Yellowstone is, and as much attention to detail as Taylor Sheridan and company put in, you can almost always count on some kind of blunder in production.

I mean, remember the infamous Starbucks cup in front of Daenerys Targaryen on Game Of Thrones? How the hell does that happen?

And then they did it again with a water bottle in the final season.

With that being said, a few die hard fans of the show have noticed a tiny plot hole in the season three finale, involving Jimmy. Nowhere near as egregious as a Starbucks cup, but a goof nonetheless.

And it’s all about Jimmy.

Now there’s one thing for certain about Jimmy (played by Jefferson White), it’s that he gets hurt. A LOT.

Any sane person would never step foot on a horse again after being nearly paralyzed by one, but Jimmy is determined to find more purpose in his life, and the rodeo circuit seemed to give him that.

As we know, he disregarded John Dutton’s (Kevin Costner) warnings about never competing in rodeos again, and decided to give it another shot on the final episode of Season 3, even though he was still not fully recovered from his previous injury.

However, things took a turn for the worse, when he was thrown off the horse yet again, and laid unconscious on the ground, and we had no clue if he had survived or not, or if he was paralyzed.

Sure enough, Season 4 rolled around, and Jimmy was in the hospital rehabbing his injuries, having to practically learn how to walk again.

He also received a ton of encouragement from Mia (Eden Broline).

This is when the plot hole was discovered.

According to Express, a Yellowstone viewer exposed the flaw on IMDB saying:

“In the end of season 3 Jimmy takes his wrist guard off and throws it on the ground before he gets on the bucking horse.

Then when he is found on the ground in the season 4 opener, he is laying there and has the wrist guard on his wrist again.”

Although small, it was lowkey a big mistake, as Jimmy initially removed the guard after being encouraged by Mia.

As you can see here, Jimmy hops up on the horse… no brace.

And then here, in the Season 4 premiere… brace.

Jefferson White Yellowstone


Jefferson White On His Fame As Jimmy From ‘Yellowstone

The man, the myth, the legend… the great Jefferson White, better known as Jimmy on Yellowstone, recently made an appearance on the latest edition of the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast.

The guy plays a huge role in the show as arguably the most popular ranch hand, who is now crafting his own story down at the iconic 6666’s Ranch down in Texas.  Plus, everybody loves a good comeback story and Jimmy went from being a dumbass meth cook to the the loveable idiot of the Yellowstone Ranch.

While he was on the pod, he mentioned that he can’t even put into words what Yellowstone has meant for him and his career, and how it opened up a new world of culture that he was unfamiliar with beforehand.

He even talked about how everywhere he goes, he constantly gets called Jimmy, and even better, he’ll often hear Rip’s iconic “shut the fuck up Jimmy” line from people as they pass by.

“I get a lot of ‘SHUT THE FUCK UP JIMMY’ from across the street. I’ll be walking down the street in Texas and just hear ‘SHUT THE FUCK UP JIMMY,’ so I give ’em the thumbs up and keep going.”

He also talked about how much the show has opened up his eyes to the cattle ranching and cowboy world, and how heading the Yellowstone podcast has helped him learn.

Jefferson the actor, and Jimmy the character, on similar journeys:

“Ya know when I first started doing this show four years ago, I didn’t really know anything about the western world. I didn’t know anything about cattle ranching, about cowboy’ing, riding rodeo, about any of this stuff, so the last four years has been a real crash course for me.

And ya know alongside Jimmy, that figures out where he fits in this world, I’ve been diving in myself and spending this time trying to learn basically.

This podcast has been an opportunity to deepen that learning, and continue to screw it up. To dive into this culture and this community, especially because this is a lifetime pursuit.”

White also talks about the transformation of Cole Hauser, going from this clean shaven actor to the bearded cowboy Rip:

“It’s both a transformation and also, in acting there’s sort of a constant question. Are you transforming into this character, or are you revealing some part of yourself that is this character, ya know?

And the amazing thing is I’ve only known Cole through the process of working on ‘Yellowstone’ so for me, as long as I’ve known Cole he’s been Rip.”

He also discusses how awesome it is to actually work on a real ranch in Montana for the show, instead of acting on some set pretending like you’re in Montana.

Can you imagine? Getting to work on some of the most gorgeous land in the United States. That’s truly something special within itself.

The podcast is available everywhere. Download the podcast on Apple Podcasts by searching “Whiskey Riff Raff” or click here.

We’re also available on Spotify and wherever else you can listen to podcasts.

Cheers, y’all.



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