Colorado Man Takes Ice Fishing To The Next Level

If there’s one thing that sketches me out, it’s ice and water together. No, not in a glass, but when you’re outside and it’s the time of year where it might not be solid… yeah, I’m not about that life.

And right now, it’s that time of year when it can be frustrating to get into good and safe fishing situations.

However, Fox News says that Colorado man took matters into his own hands while out fishing the Arkansas River.

Cade Peirce was out for a day of fishing, when his family started to head back to the truck for a bite to eat. His wife Morgan heard some yelling and ran back to the river only to see her husband coming down on a piece of ice.

Yup, ballsy.

Peirce can be seen casting away with his flyrod as he floats on down by. The video was originally posted to TikTok by Morgan but garnered a lot of attention.

“My kids and I had headed back to the truck for lunch when we heard yelling. We ran back down to the river to see Cade sailing down on a sheet of ice. We all got a good laugh out of it”

This is certainly a different take on ice fishing. I think they may have gotten confused.

It wasn’t a laugh of ignorance though. Morgan summed up our concerns and stated some facts about doing something like this.

“No one should attempt this unless it’s safe, and they know the section of river they’re on pretty well. We know every hole on that section, and how deep it was at the time

If it were to be deep and fast it could be potentially very dangerous”

This video should have had the ‘don’t try this at home, he’s a trained professional’ disclaimer.

Peirce jumps off the ice at the end of the video and it’s clearly not overly deep, and it’s certainly a faster way to get down river, especially for lunch time.

I do wish he had have hooked a fish out on the ice though… would’ve made it an all-time great fishing video.

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