Strong Winds Blow Michigan Ice Fishing Shack Over A Mile Across Lake… With People Fishing Inside

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Imagine, you’re kicked back in your shack with a couple of ice holes in front of you, maybe even sipping a cold one or having some whiskey to keep ya warm.

The wind is just a howlin’ and you feel your shack moving, something you never expect for one this large.

That would give you a good scare if there ever was one. Especially a lake as large as Lake Michigan.

The Toronto Star shared such a story.

Three Michigan men were out for a night a fish when the got more than they had bargained for. An incoming storm pushed their homemade shack a whole mile away.

Winds hit about to 50 mph in the morning when the men were getting ready to pack up in the morning.

Imagine sitting in your shack with your line in the water only to have the very hole you drilled disappear out of no where as the shack moved. That would be concerning to say the least.

Someone on shore noticed one of the men struggling as the shack moved and called the authorities.

I can imagine if a shack that large got some momentum it would be hard for a fella to get a hold on it.

When the authorities loaded up and got out to them they were 1.5 miles off shore. Everything was good they had just ended up much farther away then they had started or planned for. Eventually they made it back to shore by themselves, with just a longer trek back.

Kelly Hansen sheriff in the area, spoke about the incident.

“The men refused medical treatment. They told deputies that they spent Saturday night on the ice in the shanty and were aware of an approaching storm, but apparently took for granted the power of the winds”

Glad the fisherman were okay and just ended up in a less than desirable situation.

Never underestimate the storm, especially in the winter. It can lead to some rough situations.

I bet these fellas will make sure their shack is anchored down well the next time they head out.

Can’t make that mistake twice…

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A beer bottle on a dock