UPDATE: Cain Velasquez Shot At Man Charged With Molesting His Young Relative

Cain Velasquez
Josh Hedges / Getty Images

Yesterday, former UFC heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez was taken into custody and charged for attempted murder in Morgan Hill, California.

It seemed like a bizarre road rage incident, fairly out of character for a guy like Cain, who despite being a mixed martial artist champion and one of the baddest dudes in the world, has never publicly displayed an ounce of aggression.

But now, more details have emerged and we’re finally starting to learn a motive… perhaps a justified one.

According to The Denver Post, the man that Cain was shooting at was a man that has been charged with molesting his young relative, believed to be his daughter, who is about 13 years old.

Velasquez opened fire at Harry Eugene Goularte’s car, which was occupied by two others as well.

The bullet allegedly missed Goularte, but hit his stepfather instead. He’s expected to be fine.

The 43-year-old creep had been arraigned Friday on felony court of a “lewd and lascivious act” with a child under the age of 14. The child was allegedly molested by Goularte at his mother’s day care, where the suspect also resided.

He was granted supervised release, despite objections from California prosecutors.

Velasquez, 39, was placed behind bars yesterday, and reported to be arraigned on Wednesday.

Amador Rosales, a fighter at the American Kickboxing Academy (Where Velasquez trained), weighed in on the difficult situation:

“We’re all fighters, and I know that what you see on television is us beating people up. But we’re humble … and Cain Velasquez has always been a humble guy, in defeat and victory.

I’ve never seen him once in my entire life here ever throw a fit ever once… not once a tantrum, nothing. He’s not an angry guy at all.”

Needless to say, a number of people immediately called for his release:

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