Dustin Lynch Gets ROASTED For “Party Mode” Performance During NHL Stadium Series In Nashville

Dustin Lynch country music

Party mode?

The Nashville Predators and the Tampa Bay Lightning are facing off in the NHL Stadium Series tonight in Nashville, Tennessee. The game is being held at Nissan Stadium, home of the Tennessee Titans, and needless to say, they brought in some local talent for the festivities.

We have a little Dierks Bentley, a little Miranda Lambert, and a little…. Dustin Lynch.

Which one is not like the others…

With a gaggle of backup dancers (or bachelorette parties he plucked off Broadway), Dustin Lynch performed his new single “Party Mode” (yes, that’s actually the name of it), the song it took a few weeks worth of tweaks to get just right.

I mean, let me read you this chorus and you’ll definitely see why it took weeks to perfect:

“Party mode, party mode, party mode
That’s how it goes, how it goes, how it goes
Neon lights, honky-tonks ’til they close
Party mode, party mode, party mode…”

Kill me…

Anyways, Dusty brought that heat to Nissan Stadium and shocker… people HATED it. Like, really hated it…

And hockey fans took to Twitter to share their frustration, their confusion, and their overall disdain for the God-awful display of “country music” they were forced to endure…

Hell, even the people that like him can’t figure out what the fuck is happening…

But hey, at least you spent weeks getting it just right…

And since the NHL hasn’t released it yet (and who could blame them), here’s a shit-quality version someone recorded off  their TV.

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A beer bottle on a dock