Patrick Mahomes Denies Report That He Asked His Brother And Fiancée To Stay Away From Chiefs Games Next Season

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Man, I’ve never wanted an internet rumor to be true more than this one.

This afternoon, a report surfaced that Patrick Mahomes had recently had a sit-down with his annoying ass brother, Jackson, and his fianceé Brittany Matthews, asking them not to attend any Chiefs games next season after their antics have become a “distraction” and “bad for his brand.”

His brother Jackson, of course, is the “TikTok influencer” (I use that term while rolling my eyes all the way back in my head) who posts cringey TikTok videos from the game, while also drawing his fair share of controversy over the past year or so.


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Back in September when the Ravens beat the Chiefs, Jackson was caught on video pouring water on some Ravens fans who were chirping at him after the game – and then retweeted the video saying “they were thirsty.”

He also drew the ire of Washington Football Team fans when he filmed a TikTok dance on Sean Taylor’s number that was painted on the field, on the same day the team was retiring the number in honor of Taylor, who was slain in 2007.

And he also recently took to social media to bash a Kansas City bar when he couldn’t get a table – but the restaurant clapped back and absolutely destroyed him and his oversized ego.

And his fianceé Brittany is also a frequent target from critics for her antics (which are often alongside Jackson), like spraying fans with champagne after the Chiefs’ divisional playoff win against the Bills.

The result was the entire internet rooting for Joe Burrow and the Bengals to eliminate the Chiefs from the playoffs just so we didn’t have to see these two and their obnoxious antics at the Super Bowl (which, shoutout Joe Burrow, they did just that).

And there have also been clips circulating in the past that seem to show Patrick visibly annoyed with Jackson and Brittany – I mean, Patrick seems like a pretty chill dude, so how would hanging out with these two NOT be annoying as hell?

But according to TMZ, the report that Patrick asked his brother and fianceé to stay away from Chiefs game this season is total garbage.

And after the rumors surfaced, Patrick himself took to Twitter to apparently address the reports, saying that “Y’all just be making stuff up these days.”

So it sounds like there’s no truth to the rumor that Chiefs fans (and the internet) would be spared from having to see the obnoxious duo at games this upcoming season.

But damn did I want that one to be true.

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