Nashville Is Considering Building A New Stadium For The Tennessee Titans

A stadium with a red and blue stadium

RIP Nissan Stadium?

Well maybe not just yet, but according to a report from Axios, Nashville is actively considering building a brand new stadium to serve as home for the Tennessee Titans.

Last month, the city unveiled plans for a massive $600 million overhaul to the 22-year old stadium. The renovations were set to be part of a larger development that would rejuvenate the east bank area of the Cumberland River where Nissan Stadium currently sits, and would include not only upgrades to the stadium but also new housing, offices, retail space and restaurants.

But recently, talks between the Tennessee Titans and Nashville Mayor John Cooper have shifted to include not just renovations to the current stadium, but the possibility of a brand new home for the Titans.

The potential new stadium would serve as the centerpiece of the riverfront development, and is being considered due to the rising cost of necessary upgrades to Nissan Stadium. According to a Titans spokesperson, the cost of those renovations has nearly doubled the original $600 million estimate, leading the parties to consider whether to invest in the current stadium or start over with a brand new one.

“[W]e need to take a step back and re-evaluate if a stadium renovation is the most responsible option forward and explore other paths…

For example, the stadium’s structural frame was built with concrete and needs to be largely replaced with steel. The mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems need to be completely replaced. The window system throughout the building is so antiquated that it is not even manufactured anymore.”

And Major Cooper also acknowledged that the rising costs have led to discussions on whether a new stadium may be the best financial decision for the city, which is currently under a contractual obligation to foot the bill for any necessary maintenance and upgrades.

Of course the discussions are still in the early stages, so any details about a potential new stadium would still have to be worked out. But building a new indoor stadium, or one with a retractable roof, would not only give Nashville a better shot at hosting the Super Bowl in the future, but would also allow the stadium to host concerts year-round and bring additional revenue to the city.

There’s no timeline for a decision just yet, but it sounds like the idea is being given serious consideration – and Nashville may just have a brand new stadium in a few years.

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