Russian Speedskater Daniil Aldoshkin Throws Double Middle Fingers After Upsetting Team USA

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The Winter Olympics are heating up, and we’ve seen everything from dads getting rip-shit drunk over their daughters winning to badass curlers the kind of ‘stache and flow combo that would make a redneck cry.

And now, we’ve got speedskaters flipping the birds.

Russian speedskater Daniil Aldoshkin threw up the double-birds after beating Team USA in the men’s team pursuit semifinals yesterday in Beijing.

However, according to, the 20-year-old skater says it wasn’t directed at anybody:

“I threw up my hands, I have the first medal, the first Olympics. I didn’t mean anything like that. I’m sorry if this offended anyone.”

He threw up the middle fingers as soon as he crossed the finish line with teammates Ruslan Zakharov, and Sergey Trofimov, sealing the deal for the gold medal race.

He said his actions were pure excitement and a race against the clock, not an “F-you” to the United States.

“In speed skating, we fight against time, not against an opponent. It was purely an emotional reaction.”

Russian Skating Union president Alexei Kravtsov apologized for Aldoshkin’s actions as well:

“Emotions took over at the finish line, there was no subtext in this action. We are sorry if someone differently perceived this situation and (it) offended someone.

On behalf of the Russian Skating Union, we offer our official apologies.”

The skater took to Instagram to express his excitement over the win:

“I want to write a lot of words, I want to express a lot of emotions, but then there will be too much text. In short, everything worked out!

Once in an interview, I created a bar for myself, according to which I evaluate my results to this day, f the Coach is satisfied, then I should be satisfied.

The coach yesterday was satisfied, I hope in general, many thanks to everyone, you have no idea how nice it is to receive words of support and congratulations from everyone.”

They would take silver, falling to Norway in the final.

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