Drunk Bengals Fan Gets Put In Chokehold On Frontier Airlines Flight: “I’m Not A Bad Person, Bro… I Drank Too Much”

Bengals fan frontier

The Super Bowl is so close, I can almost taste it.

With that being said, Cincinnati Bengals fans are making the 2,000 plus mile trek to Los Angeles as we speak.

And for Los Angeles Rams fans (all 10 of them), it’s in their backyard.

Needless to say, Bengals fans are probably foaming at their mouth right now, just so they can witness a Cincy Super Bowl for the first time in over 30 years.

And when the emotions are high, mixed in with a little alcohol, things can get ugly.

According to FOX 8, a Frontier Airlines jet was waiting to depart from Phoenix, when two passengers (one being a Bengals fan) began exchanging words about the Super Bowl, with the Bengals fan getting physical in the heated exchange, lunging at one of the employees.

The passenger admitted he was drunk when he was being escorted off the plane, saying:

“I was a Bengals fan, I was the only Bengals fan. I’m not a bad person bro, I drank a little too much, and one guy back there had a problem that I was drinking too much.”

Jason Brake, the man who recorded the video, weighed in on the wild occurrence:

“Before I had actually recorded, he said that they were discriminating against him because he possibly did have too much to drink.

When I watched that, I was like, ‘OK, this guy is assaulting somebody that they’re trying to remove from the plane.’ The guy is not qualified is handle that situation and it could have made it worse, and you’ve got all these people that are stuck there and there’s going to be a stampede to try to get out of a little small door

The captain and the crew did make the comment that ‘This is why you do not buy your own alcohol and you drink it on board because this will happen,’ and they said basically, ‘We hope that he won’t be on any future flights with us.’

People have to make the wise decision. I mean, alcohol and flying just really don’t mix.”

Ok, I wasn’t on the flight (Frontier? c’mon…), but I got a number of issues with everything being said here.

First of all, “alcohol and flying just really don’t mix”? Ummm, do you even know what an airplane is? There is nothing better than getting drunk on plane, hell Dierks Bentley wrote an entire song about it.

You get to the airport at 7am, start pounding beers and shots like an alcoholic degenerate because it’s the airport and there is no rules, and then when you get on the plane, they serve you a nice in-flight cold snack and one of those mini bottles of Wild Turkey 101… it’s fucking fantastic. The best part about flying is the booze. If airlines would just serve it on the airplane, flyers wouldn’t have to sneak it on and the friendly skies would be friendly again.

Second of all, “discriminating against him because he was drunk”? Is being drunk a protected class these days? I’m pretty sure you don’t have the right to be a drunk, obnoxious, asshole, anywhere you go. I’m gonna use that one next time I’m hammered though… 100%.

And finally, what does “qualified to handle that situation” mean? Looks like that flight attendant was about to get his ass whooped and big hoss stepped in and made our drunk Bengals fan realize in a hurry that he wasn’t the biggest, baddest dude on the plane anymore. Could’ve it have escalated? Sure, of course. But, it looks like it de-escalated to me…

But hey, you got it on film buddy… good for you.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock