Washington Commanders Reveal New Name & Fans Are Already Calling Them The Commies


After 18 months without an official name, the team formerly known as the Washington Redskins finally revealed their new one (after it was leaked about a dozen times over the past two weeks):

The Commanders.

In an announcement across their social platforms this morning, they revealed the new name, along with a video on legacy and evolving as a team:

“Legacies are built by tradition, values, beliefs. Born of the spirit. Hailed to the greats that laid our foundation.

Cultivated in the hearts of the people from the DMV. Even the greatest of legacies evolve, or fail.”

The also unveiled their new logo and uniforms:

The team retired their former name back in 2020, after years of complaints that it was racist towards Native Americans. The Washington Football team was used as a placeholder name, though it was considered as a permanent option at one point during the process.

According to ESPN, team president Jason Wright and head coach Ron Rivera had stressed that they wanted to incorporate the military into the new name, seeing as the team is located in the nation’s capitol.

Commander is most often used as a naval officer rank, which is where most of the inspiration came from. The team will keep their gold and burgundy colors, but all the Native American imagery and references are no longer.

So, there we are… two years to think about it and Dan Synder and company landed on the Commanders.

And needless to say… football fans across the country…. HATED it.

And it also sounds like the Washington Commies is gonna be pretty popular:

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A beer bottle on a dock