Midland Drops Music Video For “Sunrise Tells The Story,” Along With A New Acoustic Version

One of my top albums/EPs of 2021 was Midland’s oThe Last Resort EP.

The band is most known for their badass, honky-tonkin’ two steppin’ heaters, bringing a breath of fresh air to the bro-country/boyfriend-country-soiled mainstream sound.

But on this last album they slowed things down a little bit, with a heavy focus on slower paced, easy on the ears waltzes.

And one of the gems of the album was “Sunrise Tells The Story.”

It was arguably their biggest hit off the EP, and today, Midland dropped a stripped down and dirty acoustic version of the single.

And I’ll go ahead and say it, the acoustic version is right up there with the original, if not better.

The new version is filled with gorgeous acoustics, the wail of a steel guitar, and an accordion, giving you the perfect starry night west Texas feel.

And on top of the new version, the group also dropped an Officer & A Gentleman themed music video for the original.

The video includes the band members Mark Wystrach, Cameron Duddy, and Jess Carson, all dressed as Marines at a party. That’s when Wystrach makes his way to the stage and sings the song, as Duddy and Carson sit back and laugh.

However, Wystrach gets the last laugh, as he connects with a woman at the party, and things escalate from there, if ya know what I mean.

Of course, there’s a hilarious scene of Carson punching Duddy in the face to distract the Colonel as Wystrach leaves the party.

Duddy weighed in on the thoughts behind the new music video:

“We’ve always loved pop culture, and the way it threads through how people live. Done properly, it becomes what people reference in their lives… and when we were trying to think of how to represent this song, we wanted something more than just the obvious reference to a guy and a girl getting together.”

Carson added:

“And, we wanted to show people our own dynamic, too. How do you show our friendship in a way that’s not just a bunch of guys on the road?”

Wystrach also discussed the thought process behind the video:

“No one story really serves what’s going on here. If you’ve been around us, we’re always pranking each other, because that’s who we are. But this song is something completely else. How do you show that? That’s where the three of us being us comes in, so it’s not so serious or so much a sexy video.

Cam wanted to raise the stakes, and what is more serious or important than our military? My father is a decorated veteran, and I know how protective those men are of their daughters!

There couldn’t be a worse choice of a girl to fall in love with, but the heart wants what it wants. Plus, if there’s anyone who’s going to be a little fast and loose at a party, no matter where, it’s us…”

Check out the new music video:

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