Corb Lund Recalls How An Elk Hunting Trip With Evan Felker Inspired His Song “90 Seconds Of Your Time”

Corb Lund Country Music

Compelling, authentic, honest storytelling will always be the mark of a great country music singer/songwriter.

I mean honestly, a great song can come from slipping and falling in the shower, or getting chased by cops after robbing a bank.

It’s all about an interesting story and the delivery.

With that being said, I was listening to Corb Lund’s 2020 album, Agricultural Tragic today, and was reminded of the story behind the song, “90 Seconds of Your Time.”

The Canadian country singer was out in Idaho, hunting Elk with Turnpike Troubadours frontman Evan Felker, and an Army Ranger with .44 Magnum and an itchy trigger finger.

But as it turns out, the Army Ranger may have been  justified

According to Lund, on the eighth day of their hunt, all of their mules and horses had somehow gotten untied and escaped, and they had no idea if they somehow untied themselves, or if somebody had gone and untied them.

He explained in a video:

“We were on a 10 day elk hunt deep, deep in the mountains in Idaho with my friend Evan Felker from Turnpike Troubadours.

And on day number eight, we came back from hunting to find that all of our animals had been untied, and they were gone in the middle of nowhere.

And we still to this day don’t know if they came untied, or if some territorial hunters untied them. But the chances of four or five of them getting untied on their own is really slim.”

He then said that the Army Ranger was begging for a chance to hunt down the people who untied their animals, because he knew of several places that are perfect to bury the bodies.

After Lund heard that, he realized that could make one hell of a country song.

Next thing you know, he wrote “90 Seconds of Your Time,” solely off of him and Felker’s wild hunting experience in Idaho.

Listen to Corb himself tell the full story:

And the song:

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