VIDEO: Angry Elk Pops A Truck Tire On Snowy Colorado Road

Seeing a beautiful bull elk on the side of the road is awesome.

Such majestic, regal, beautiful creatures… sure, it’s great to arrow one and fill up the freezer, but just watching them is pretty special in itself.

However, for Tyler and Sheena Terryberry, they had a much different elk experience in Parshall, Colorado.

According to Meateater, Tyler, a veteran hunting guide, and his wife were taking a drive through the snow on January 8th, when they had a close encounter with a bull elk in the road.

Tyler, who has had several run-ins with Elk over his career, decided to pull over and admire the incredible creature. Although Sheena warned him not to, Tyler coaxed the elk over to the car, and then it was too late.

The elk lowered its antlers, and popped one of his snow tires.

He weighed in on the unfortunate event:

“She definitely warned me. Every once in a while you find an animal that’s sick, and they don’t usually act right. The (Colorado Division of Wildlife) had to put down a mountain lion near us just a week ago because it was sick and acting weird.

Then of course when it happened, it was an ‘I told you so’ moment. If it was my truck she wouldn’t have cared; she would have laughed right along with me.

We get pretty close to elk where we’re at, and I’ve been way closer than that, and I’ve never had one try to attack me. It took me by surprise.”

Good news for him, he caught it all on video so nobody can claim he was lying:

“The cost was well worth the story, and I’m glad I got it on video because no one would have ever believed me.

The bull didn’t get hurt, and it could have been worse. He could have punctured a hole in the radiator or come through the window at me.”

Honestly, seems like he’s done that before… lowers his head, straight for the tire. He knew what he was doing…

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