Yellowstone’s Luke Grimes, AKA Kayce Dutton, Plans To Write Country Music This Year, Praises Colter Wall

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Luke Grimes, AKA Kayce Dutton, is an all around badass on Yellowstone.

The mild-mannered former Navy SEAL is an all-around good dude who loves and protects his family, but he ain’t afraid to whoop somebody’s ass if they cross him.

Now of course, that ain’t a secret for all you Yellowstone fans out there.

However, what actually may be a secret to you, is that Grimes used to be a drummer for a country band in Los Angeles before his time on the show. He played a little guitar, wrote some songs, and is now looking to scratch that music itch again as a solo artist in 2022.

He went in depth on his music roots and plans for the future in a new interview with Rolling Stone:

“It was around that time when the alt-country thing was really going on. Wilco and Ryan Adams were really big then and we were kind of like that.

I played guitar too and helped write songs for the band, so I got to be more than a drummer. It was a cool experience.”

He’s currently working with the management team of Midland, Hailey Whitters, and even his Yellowstone buddy Ryan Bingham, as he’s already started writing songs. He’s since to moved to Montana (filming out there will do that to ya), but will be looking to spend some time in Nashville co-writing with songwriters.

Growing up as a pastor’s kid, he wasn’t allowed to listen to music from Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, and Johnny Cash, but these days, in addition to the legends of the past, he likes Colter Wall, Paul Cauthen, and Ruston Kelly.

“I hate this word, but the ‘secular’ music that I was allowed to listen to as a kid was Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash. T

hat’s the stuff my dad grew up on in the Appalachian Mountains. When he didn’t have to be a pastor, he was playing that sort of folk and country-rock.

We have a record player system in our house and Colter’s sitting right there next to it.”

Yellowstone fans actually dug up an old Grimes song called “Restless Road,” a song written for the 2012 pilot episode of a show called Outlaw Country. FX passed on the show, but ended up airing it as a stand-alone movie.

Stay tuned… Kayce Dutton’s music era is almost upon us.

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