Justin Moore To Host New Sports Talk Morning Radio Show In His Home State Of Arkansas

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Justin Moore has been singing into a microphone for awhile.

And since COVID started, he’s been honing his skills talking into a microphone with his podcast, The Justin Moore Podcast.

Well now he’s going to be spending a lot more time talking into a microphone.

It was recently announced that Justin would be co-hosting a new morning show on Little Rock’s 103.7 the buzz.

The show, called Morning Mayhem, will focus on Arkansas sports, something that Justin knows a ton about as a die-hard Arkansas Razorbacks fan. (Seriously, if you listen to his podcast, it’s incredible how much the dude knows about Arkansas sports – and all of them, not just football).

Justin takes over for longtime 103.7 The Buzz morning show host Tommy Smith, who retired after over 40 years, and will be joined on air by co-hosts David Bazzel, Roger Scott and R.J. Hawk.

In announcing his new side gig, Justin expressed his excitement to finally have an outlet to talk about his beloved Razorbacks:

“Long before my success in country music, I was a die-hard fan of all Arkansas Razorback sports.

Growing up in Arkansas, you learn to love the Razorbacks early. No matter what part of the state you’re from, you’re born calling the Hogs. Now I have an outlet for talking about my team.”

Justin’s co-host David Bazzel also praised his new colleague as the perfect guy for the job:

“Justin has a dynamic personality, which is essential when you’re helping wake up listeners at 6 a.m.

His knowledge of the Razorbacks is encyclopedic, and his love for the state of Arkansas is as genuine as it is infectious. And, while Justin is a country superstar, he is also a husband and father who loves his family and state. I can’t wait for our listeners to get to know him on a more personal level.”

Justin moved away from Nashville and back to his home state of Arkansas a decade ago, and has made appearances on The Buzz, as well as ESPN and SEC Network, to talk about his Razorbacks.

But if fans are worried that his new role is going to take away from Justin’s music, he says they shouldn’t be. On his podcast this week, Justin said that couldn’t be further than the truth and that he’ll be touring just as much if not more than ever:

“I was completely up front with them and said ‘Hey, I’ve talked to my wife and I’ll do it if you guys understand that playing music is my first job and passion and I can’t give up anything that goes along with that, nor would I want to because I love playing music so much and what we all get the chance to do.’

But they were seemingly cool with it. And we worked it out to where I can do shows from the road, and I’ll go in some when I’m home…

Absolutely touring just as much, if not more, than we always have. And making new music, and we have a huge tour announcement coming up.”

That’s a relief.

Justin made his hosting debut this morning live from Tampa, Florida as the Razorbacks gear up to take on Penn State in the Outback Bowl, and Morning Mayhem will broadcast live on 103.7 The Buzz every Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 10 AM central.

I’ve gotta admit, I’m not an Arkansas Razorbacks fan myself, but as entertaining as Justin’s podcast has been, I might have to tune in just to hear more of him on the mic.

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