Carrie Underwood Brings Bride-To-Be On Stage For “All-American Girl” Duet In Las Vegas

Let’s be honest, we’ve all jammed to Carrie Underwood’s 2007 hit “All-American Girl” a time or a million…

And you best believe I’d probably pay a lot of money to have the chance to get on stage and sing my heart out to the song with her by my side.

And for one lucky bride-to-be, she had the golden opportunity.

Underwood began her REFLECTION: The Las Vegas Residency shows on December 1st at The Theatre at Resorts World Las Vegas.

At her show on December 8th, she talked about how she used to bring a little girl on stage every time she was about to play the song.

Now, with all of those girls grown up now, she decided she’d change it up a bit:

“Way back when this song came out, I would oftentimes invite a little girl on stage to sing it with me.

When we were putting this show together we got to thinking, and those little girls are all grown up. They could be doing lots of things, making the world a better place. 

They could be in college, they could be in Vegas, perhaps on a bachelorette weekend. Something like that, I hear this is the popular place for the bachelorettes to go.”

After admitting she had her own bachelorette party in Vegas, bachelorette’s began losing their minds in the crowd, begging to join her on stage to sing the song.

She then said:

“Would one of you maybe like to come up and sing with me? I see a bunch of girls jumping up and down over here. I think we got a bachelorette party over here, come on up.

Here she comes, she’s got her sash, every bachelorette needs a sash. Come on up here young lady.”

The girl who Underwood identified as Megan, a Las Vegas native, will be getting married in November, and she got the opportunity of a lifetime.

Sure enough, the two shared an awesome moment blaring “All-American Girl” on stage.

After the song ended, Carrie added:

“Congratulations and good luck with the wedding.”

Sure beats the hell outta karaoke…

Needless to say, I don’t think her fiancé’s bachelor party will compare…

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