Kansas Police Searching For Human P.O.S. Who Brutally Murdered A Police Officer’s 3-Month-Old Puppy

Police dog

This is probably one of the more disturbing, downright horrifying, things I’ve ever read so feel free to scroll on down to the next article if you don’t want to feel your heart shatter and your blood boil.

Anybody who has the nerve to intentionally harm dog is the absolute scum of the earth, no questions asked.

According to the New York Post, Kansas police are on the search for the suspects responsible for beheading, yes, beheading, an officer’s German Shepherd pup named Ranger.

They’ve been on the hunt since the gut wrenching instance occurred on December 3rd, where the officer found the three-month-old puppy laying in the backyard.

Sgt. Jason Ludwig of the Parsons Police Department said there are no official leads yet, but the search for the killer will continue, and hopes that somebody comes forward with some information.

He said:

“The condolences and the pledges to help raise a reward fund are coming from across the nation and it’s definitely overwhelming, the support that we’re getting.

Honestly, you’re not going to hear a lot of police departments say it, but it’s thanks to the media for getting the word out. So we’re hoping that we can raise the reward amount, and hopefully that will loosen some lips.

As of right now, we haven’t got any new leads or anything, unfortunately.”

The reward has increased substantially, all the way up to $8,000 with a donation from PETA (I guess they’re good for something), but according to Ludwig, that could keep increasing if donations keep coming.

Investigators said there are several reasons for them to believe the attack was targeted.

The officer who owned Ranger let him out in the backyard at around 7 AM on December 3rd, and was at some point lured to another area and killed.

The dog’s remains were put back in the officer’s backyard, and were found at around 2 PM.

Ludwig continued:

“There was no doubt that they knew this was an officer’s dog. The officer had their patrol vehicle in the front yard, so they knew.

It was fenced in and the dog had ample room to play. There was a lack of evidence that it was killed there, so we know someone led it out of the yard.

There was a piece of the puppy’s lower jaw still attached to the body when it was tossed back into the yard, but a majority of the head is still missing.”

Neighbor’s turned in video footage to the police, but the videos either didn’t show much, or weren’t rolling at the time of the attack.

The Parsons Police Department is accepting donations for the reward fund, and if anyone has any info they can call (620) 421-7082, or email at [email protected]

Parsons Police Chief Robert Spinks added:

“We have hundreds of people in the community that are avid dog lovers. Please put your ears to the ground, let us know if you hear anything… This was not just the killing of a dog. It was a brutal mutilation of a beloved pet and attempted threat to one of our officers.

Ranger the puppy was a pet and a family member. We are thanking the community for the comforting thoughts and prayers.”

Whoever did this is one sick bastard, pure evil, and a danger to society…


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