Tim McGraw And Faith Hill Called “Unrecognizable” On Their ‘People Magazine’ Cover For Yellowstone Prequel, ‘1883’

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill country music

There’s one thing about Tim McGraw that I’ve always found funny…

I swear the guy looks like a completely different person in every picture and movie I see him in.

For example, you got clean-shaven, suburban dad Tim in the hit movie The Blindside, the mullet/mustache Tim we all know and love from back in the ’90s, thick hillbilly Tim from the movie Four Christmases, and now, Tim is arguably in better shape than anybody in country music.

And while Tim has worked hard to get into the best shape of his life, going hard in the gym, on the diet, and cutting out the booze, Faith Hill on the other hand, seemingly doesn’t age.

The looks, the success, the talent… they’re a country music power couple if we ever saw one.

However, a new photo has surfaced of the cover of People Magazine, with Tim and his wife Faith Hill on the cover of it, discussing their experiences while filming the Yellowstone prequel, 1883.

But according to the comments section, folks weren’t even sure who they were looking at.

You be the judge…

The Comments

You have Tim publicly rocking the full beard for maybe the first time in his career, and Faith rocking the curls, but the fans were going bonkers in the comment section say the duo looked unrecognizable.

Some of the comments read:

“Find Faith… because that can’t be her.”

“Didn’t even recognize this couple for a second”

“Are you sure that this woman is Faith Hill? She looks so different”

“That’s not Faith. There’s no way.”

“That’s Dave Bautista and Mya Rudolph lol…wt?”

“Faith Hill is morphing into Beyoncé”

“I don’t recognize either one of them”

“Ok, I didn’t even recognize them”

“Faith Hill is morphing into Beyoncé”

“I almost didn’t recognize them”

“Whoa Faith Hill looks so different”

“She looks soooooooo different :

“Who are these people? They got replaced”

“Who are these people? Cause these people look like an old high school couple from Memphis..”

“They look different”

“I had no idea who he was”

And the list goes on and on and on…

Of course, there were plenty of positive comments as well, and let’s not forget that this is a magazine cover so you’re bound to look a little touched up, but quite the firestorm in the comments section, eh?

I mean, maybe I’m just a dumb guy that doesn’t know what he’s looking at, but… it looks like Tim and Faith to me, no?

Here’s more from the People Exclusive with Tim and Faith.

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