Twitter Calls Out Bobby Bones Show’s Lunchbox For Posting Secret Photos Of Lauren Alaina Like A Creep

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Dafuq is wrong with you?

In today’s extremely creepy, weird, downright fucked up country music news, The Bobby Bones Show co-host Dan Chappell, better known as “Lunchbox,” tweeted a series of “booty pics” of Lauren Alaina inside a Chipotle.

Lauren was quick to call out the creepy behavior (bravo) suggesting that rather than just quietly taking pictures of her ass from the corner of the room, he could’ve just said “hi” like a normal person.

She added the “lol” at the end, but I don’t think anybody is laughing…

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Needless to say, the creepy behavior garnered tons of comments, with people wondering why on Earth anyone would do something this.

And believe it or not, he STILL hasn’t deleted the post…

UPDATE: He has since deleted the creepy post from Twitter and Instagram…

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