Yellowstone Season 4: Go Behind The Scenes Of Episode 5 – “Under A Blanket Of Red”

Here we go…

Yellowstone dropped the fifth episode of Season 4 yesterday, and we have yet another recap to give us an in-depth look behind the key characters and storylines in the episode titled, “Under a Blanket of Red.”

The recap starts off with Beth telling John that she’ll be joining Market Equities, and Kelly Reilly (Beth) discusses her thought process behind joining Yellowstone Ranch’s rival:

“Beth is now working for the enemy, and she’s out for revenge. She’s so out for blood, she feels like she’s betraying (Yellowstone).

“It’s war games really. It’s like she’s some general of an army. She’s thinking ‘I’m gonna destroy this.’ There’s something empowering about it.”

Luke Grimes (Kayce) then turns to the protest going on outside the Livestock Commissioner’s office:

“Kayce comes to calm everyone down, and then things escalate. Kayce, not being able to handle an escalation like that, kind of takes it a little too far, and things get a little out of hand.

Through all of this, one of the leaders in this protest is Summer.”

Piper Perabo (Summer) then discusses the first time her and John meet at the protest:

“The first time Summer and John meet, it’s as adversaries.”

She then discusses when John bails her out of jail, and how John has a mutual respect for what she’s doing, but doesn’t agree with it.

Kevin Costner (John) then adds:

“John is much more involved than he actually leads on.”

Perabo then says there might be a little bit of spark between the two.

We’ll have to wait and see…

Wes Bentley (Jamie) talks about Jamie’s encounter with his father’s old cellmate, and his attempt to get some information:

“Jamie comes across Terrell Riggins, and finds out that he was a cellmate of Jaime’s father. Immediately Jamie knows what this means… he finds out his father was involved (in the attacks), and this disrupts Jamie’s relationship with his father.

Was it real, or was there any real connection there, or was Jamie just a pawn again in a violent game.”

Check it out:

The episode also featured tunes from Zach Bryan, Colter Wall and Blackberry Smoke.

If you’re looking for the entire Yellowstone soundtrack, complete all through the first three episodes of Season 5, then look no further.

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