Luke Bryan Gets Kicked In The Head By His Stage Manager After Jumping Off Stage To Move A Smoke Machine

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Wouldn’t you think Luke Bryan would have a crew to fix things for him while he’s on stage so that…well, so that he doesn’t get kicked in the head?

Apparently not.

Things got hairy at Luke’s recent concert in Phoenix when apparently the haze machine by the stage was putting out a little too much smoke for Luke’s liking.

Now, what do you think most artists would do in this situation? My guess would be either 1) Slip to the side of the stage for a second and ask your team to move it, or 2) Use the microphone right in front of your face to ask somebody to move it.

Well that’s not what Luke did.

He took matters into his own hands and decided to jump off the stage and push the damn thing over.

A little aggressive, but I guess he was just really pissed at all the smoke…

I mean, he knows those things have cords and on/off switches right?

The problem is that his stage manager noticed what was going on and also ran out to take care of the smoke machine. And as his manager was trying to get off the stage himself, he managed to kick Luke right in the back of the head.

Luke hopped back up onstage and launched into his next song like nothing had happened, and then addressed the mishap later in the show:

“So smoke machines dry my shit out.

So that smoke machine was blowing up my ass so I went down there to cut the smoke machine off and my stage manager jumps down there and kicks me in the back of the head.

And I thought a speaker fell on my head.”

At least he was a good sport about it…

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