The Top 20 Koe Wetzel Songs

Koe Wetzel country music

At this point, Koe Wetzel shouldn’t need an introduction.

He’s country music’s rockstar, he’s grunge rock’s redneck… and some may even say he’s the Post Malone of the non-mainstream Texas music scene.

While all have some truth in them, he’s really just his own animal… and that’s why everyone loves him.

With four albums and a phenomenal one-off single under his belt, Koe’s diverse catalogue contains songs that span a plethora of genres, and plenty that seem straight genre-less, yet they appeal to the masses, making him one of the fastest growing musicians in the country.

While I’m sure most of you are at least familiar with his most popular songs, here are 20 of the best songs he’s released so far, separated by album because trying to rank Koe’s top 20 songs would just be too difficult.

Out on Parole (2015)

“Wine Glass”

“Her wine glass is full of whiskey
Cause that Merlot just won’t do
And her heart and home is empty
She’s still tryna feel that too
And that pack of Marlboro smooths that she keeps behind the bed
And she’ll break out one or two; when she needs to catch her breath.”

“Song I Can Drink To”

One of the most underrated songs in his whole catalog, and most accurately named, because this is the epitome of a song I can drink to. I wish he played this one at his concerts because it would get the crowd on another level.

“Never Leave”

Noise Complaint (2016)

“Something to Talk About”

“February 28, 2016”

The one that really started Koe’s meteoric rise, and it is still his most listened to song on Spotify, amassing over 38 million listens so far.

“Love” ft. Parker McCollum

Parker and Koe have been good friends for quite a while now, so it’s hype they were able to get a song together. Now a few years later, they are both two of the biggest names in the game.

“To say I have been missing you
Is the worst thing possible I could ever do
And to sleep one more night next to you
Should be out of the question
Don’t ask me no question like
If I love you because I don’t
I don’t love you, selfish don’t love nobody
I can’t love you like you should be loved”

“Honey Pain”

“I’m Done”

“Tell It All Town”

Single (2017)

“Austin” (2017)

“These sleepin’ pills ain’t workin’ for me
I’m wide awake talkin’ to these naked walls
They ain’t got to much to say, and I get tired
And my mind goes out the gutter
Past and present run together, kinda like they used to

And I can’t believe that you’re not alone
Happy as hell and done moved on
Heard he’s a banker down in Austin
I thought you always hated it there
Write me a letter or answer your phone just
Don’t make me believe these things
I can’t believe.”

Harold Saul High (2019)



I miss Ragweed too…

“Make Believe”

“What You Deserve”

“One and Only”


Sellout (2020)



“Drunk Driving”

“Good Die Young”

This might be my favorite tune off of Sellout.

“I’ve terrorized everything in my eyes
And left ’em there to bleed
It’s hard to hurt something that I love
When the only thing I love is me
So call the doctor, run for the hills
He’s going insane, he’s ran out of pills
He can’t be saved, he’s too far gone
Maybe I’m really alone

But I don’t want to think about tomorrow
What if tomorrow never comes?
Take me to a place without the sorrow
The story’s gettin’ old, where the good die young.”

“Cold and Alone”


These are my top 20 right now, but there are so many good ones out there that this list could be different had I written it any other day.

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