Washington Father Facing Murder Charge After Rescuing His Daughter From Sex Traffickers & Killing Man Who Sold Her

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Do y’all remember that movie Taken?

If you haven’t, shame on you. It’s a badass movie starring Liam Neeson, an ex-CIA operative who goes psycho billy ninja on a group of sex traffickers who kidnapped his daughter.

If you heard the whole “I have a particular set of skills” speech, that speech is from Taken. Long story short, Liam Neeson’s daughter gets kidnapped in Europe, and he goes on a full blown manhunt to rescue his daughter from the Albanian sex traffickers, leaving nothing but a trail of dead bodies in his wake.

It’s just a movie so you don’t really think about that kind of awful, awful stuff happening in real life, but actually… it does.

And for one Washington state father, he’s looking at murder charges after a real life Taken moment.

Many on social media are calling a Washington state father a hero for saving his daughter from a sex trafficking ring, and later hunting down and killing the man who sold her into it… her ex-boyfriend.

Spokane police discovered the remains of 19-year-old Andrew Sorenson, who was the ex-boyfriend of 60-year-old John Eisenman’s daughter.

Eisenman rescued his daughter form the sex trafficking ring in October 2020, and later obtained info that it was actually Sorenson who sold her into it for $1,000.

The next month, Eisenman confronted Sorenson after learning he was at a certain location. Reports say he tied him up, threw him in the back of a vehicle, and beat him on the head with a cinder block, and stabbed him repeatedly.

He then drove the vehicle to a remote location in North Spokane, and abandoned the car. He was arrested a year later.

Eisenman has been charged with first-degree murder, and is being held on a $1 million bond.


I get it, the cops are just doing their job by charging him with murder, but you can’t help but have mad respect for the guy, right?

Could you imagine the horrors his daughter went through? And for it to allegedly be her own boyfriend who sold her into sex slavery?

It would be insanely difficult for any father to not do the same.

Needless to say, several comments on Facebook agree that they would do the same for their child:

“This was after he rescued his trafficked daughter? I’ll volunteer for jury duty.”

“Good luck finding a jury to convict that hero.”

“This guy is a hero, how many other daughters did he save other than just his own. Petition for his release, where do I sign.”

“No doubt in my mind that my husband would do the same, and I would be behind him. Even knowing the consequences of our decisions, I don’t know that we’d be able to sleep any other way.

“Seems like he did a public service.”

“I see nothing wrong here-except with the boyfriend selling a woman into slavery.”

A GoFundMe was launched to raise legal fees for the father, however it has since been taken down.

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