Zac Brown Goes In-Depth On The Purpose Of New Album, ‘The Comeback’

Zac Brown wearing a hat

Thank God we’re getting OG Zac Brown again.

We thought we lost him for awhile, but he’s back and better than ever.

There’s nothing that brings back the good ol’ days and simpler times than the Zac Brown Band and original hits like “Chicken Fried,” “Colder Weather,” “Highway 20 Ride,” and so many others.

Their incredible harmonies, the instrumentation…it just puts us all in our happy place.

And judging by the singles we’ve gotten from the group here recently, that “feel good” sound is back in full force.

A number of these songs may not be quite as deep as the ones we got from the early 2010s, but every one of them help give us a peace of mind, and we can all take something away from them.

Zac went in-depth behind the “why” of this new album, The Comeback:

“It was about a year and a half ago, and my professional existence as I knew it was completely wiped and gone.

I couldn’t go out and safely play for our fans, I couldn’t see my crew, I couldn’t see family members.

And I know it’s been a trying time for a lot of people, but what I realize is it’s my responsibility as an artist to try to create some medicine for people and what they go through.

And so when we started writing ‘The Comeback,’ the goal was to help people remember what it’s like when we are all together, and that’s what we did.

We went hard and wrote for this last year and a half and produced the best body of work we’ve done so far, and it’s called ‘The Comeback,’ and it represents the whole world coming back together, to me, and what that feels like.”

He couldn’t have summed it up more perfectly. Zac’s obviously produced SEVERAL hits, and he’s got some high hopes for this one.

Next Friday can’t get here quick enough.

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