Steve Holy’s “Brand New Girlfriend” Was An Absolutely Savage Comeback Anthem

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For my money, nothing can beat 90’s country.

But the 2000’s also had some absolute heaters.

The first decade of the 2000’s brought us names like Eric Church and Chris Cagle, Kenny Chesney was pumping out summer jams, and Brad Paisley was cranking out hit after hit.

And Steve Holy gave us the ultimate comeback anthem.

“Brand New Girlfriend” took country radio by storm in 2006, and hit us with one of the greatest twists of the year.

It starts out all sad like your classic country heartbreak song:

“She said, “I need sometime to find myself
I need a little space to think
Maybe we should start seeing other people
Baby, things are moving way too fast for me”
So I picked up what was left of my pride
And I put on my walking shoes
And I got up on that high road
And I did what any gentleman would do”

But then he hits you in the face with that absolutely savage chorus:

“I got a brand new girlfriend
We went and jumped off the deep end
Flew out to LA for the weekend
Spent the whole day lyin’ on the beach
Wearin’ nothin’ but a smile
Playin’ kissy-kissy, smoochy-smoochy
Talkin’ mushy-mushy bout nothin'”

Talk about a damn comeback for our man. It’s the anti-cry-in-your-beer breakup song. Forget wallowing in self pity – you get back on the damn horse and turn your loss into a major W.

Everybody loves a good sad country song, but every once in awhile we need one that makes you laugh out loud the first time you hear it. And the twist in this one is one that everybody hopes for after a breakup.

Written by Jeffrey Steele, Shane Minor and Bart Allmand, “Brand New Girlfriend” reached the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in September of 2006 and gave Steve Holy his second career #1.

And it’s no wonder this one was such a big hit: Everybody loves a good comeback story – and who hasn’t dreamed about rubbing it in a little bit when you upgrade?

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