Blake Shelton’s “Austin” Would Be Completely Different If It Was Written In 2021

Blake Shelton wearing a hat

“P.S. If this is Austin, I still love you.”

It was Blake Shelton’s first single, and it’s still one of his biggest hits.

It’s hard to believe that the song is 20 years old – and how much has changed since it first came out.

I mean, have you ever stopped to think how different “Austin” would be if it were written in 2021 instead of 2001?

The story is pretty simple: Girl leaves guy and moves to Austin. Then, a year later, girl calls him up and realizes that he’s still professing his love for her on his answering machine message after all this time.

I’m glad the song came out when it did. It’s still my favorite Blake Shelton song – but it would be completely ruined by today’s technology.

2001: “She left without leavin’ a number”

2021: She blocked his number, so he messaged her on Instagram until she finally blocked him there too.

2001: “He figured she’d gone back to Austin.”

2021: He knew exactly where she was because she kept doing TikTok dances at barbeque restaurants and Texas football games.

2001: “It was almost a year before she called him up.”

2021: Her friends were constantly updating her on what he was posting on social media. And who’s that girl in his profile picture? Probably somebody he met on Tinder…

2001: “Three rings and an answering machine is what she got.”

2021: It went straight to voicemail. Was his phone off, or did he have her blocked?

2001: “If this is Tuesday night I’m bowlin’.”

2021: He’s at BOGO wing night at Buffalo Wild Wings downing Bud Lights with the boys. The bowling alley closed years ago.

2001: “If you’ve got something to sell you’re wasting your time, I’m not buying.”

2021: No, my car’s warranty is not about to expire. Stop calling me.

2001: “Well this time she left her number, but not another word.”

2021: Why do people still leave their numbers on voicemails? It shows up when you call.

2001: “Then she waited by the phone on Sunday evening, and this is what he heard.”

2021: She was laying in bed watching Instagram stories on her phone anyway. And there’s no way he’s calling her during Sunday Night Football.

2001: “And by the way boy, this is no machine you’re talkin’ to.”

2021: Of course it’s not. Who still has an answering machine? And who changes their voicemail message every week? Hell, I haven’t even recorded a voicemail message since I got my first cell phone in…well, back in 2001.

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