Justin Moore Releases Heartfelt “With A Woman You Love,” The First Single From His Upcoming Album

Justin Moore coming in hot with a tribute to all the women who manage to tame those wild cowboys.

“With a Woman You Love” is the first single from Justin’s upcoming (and as-of-yet-unnamed) album, which he’s said will be released sometime at the beginning of 2022.

The song is all about finally finding the woman who makes you want to settle down – and it’s a tribute to Justin’s own wife, Kate, who he just celebrated his 14th wedding anniversary with this week.

“I still make a little noise, raise a little hell
Running with the boys, making stories we don’t tell
I’d trade a million nights of getting loose in turn four
For just one night with her dress on the floor

‘Cause with a woman you love, you’ll talk all night
Buy five acres and a farmhouse and paint it bright white
With a woman you love, you’ll get home at a decent hour
Don’t need to look no more ’cause you finally found her
No, forever just ain’t long enough
With a woman you love”

Co-written by Justin along with Chase McGill, Jeremy Stover and Paul DiGiovanni, it’s an upbeat love song that Justin compares to one of his earlier hits, “Til My Last Day.” And it turns out he had somebody close to him who’s been asking him to put out another love song for awhile now: His wife.

Kate Moore joined Justin on this week’s episode of The Justin Moore Podcast to discuss the new song (and argue about her favorite local pizza joint), where the two had quite the lively debate over Kate pushing him to release a love song:

“I was like, ‘Look, why don’t you put out a love song? I’ll be in your video, it can be just me and you, like a real love video.'”

Justin needed some convincing though:

“Yeah, gross people out. Gross everybody out by us making love on screen. Make everybody wanna puke.”

And while we’ll have to wait to see who gets their way on the music video, the promo for the song does feature Justin and Kate – not in Mexico, but riding horses down their driveway.


Justin has said before that this upcoming album is going to be a continuation of his 2019 album Late Nights and Longnecks, as well as this year’s 8-track album Straight Outta the Country.

And after hearing the first single, I think I’m going to like this next album just as much as the last two.

Check out “With a Woman You Love,” which will hit radio stations on October 18:

And you can hear Justin and Kate talk about the new song on this week’s episode of The Justin Moore Podcast (and check out the shirt from Whiskey Riff Shop that Justin’s co-host and tour manager, JR the Handler, is wearing):

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