10 Country Songs Made For The Silver Screen

Colter Wall country music
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Some songs are just made to elevate a movie scene.

Of course they’re phenomenal on their own, but their potential to take a movie scene from pretty good to “holy shit did you see that?” needs to be recognized.

Just look at what Whiskey Myers, Zach Bryan, Ryan Bingham and others did for Yellowstone. No one’s saying we don’t want more of that.

And while there’s dozens and dozens that would be great, here’s 10 songs I’d love to see in a movie.

*As a sidenote, Sturgill Simpson’s latest album and Eric Church’s Heart & Soul were not included, since we’ve already made those projects into a movie/play of their own. Just to be fair to all, the rest of their catalogues were excluded as well, since let’s be honest most of their songs would be great on screen.

Joshua Ray Walker – “Sexy After Dark”

One listen to this and you just know it’s made for something big. The music video is already phenomenal, you put this behind a Tarantino scene with Uma Thurman dressed in leather slaughtering insane numbers of people at night, I mean come on with it, that’d be perfect.

Cannot wait for Joshua Ray Walker’s upcoming album.

Lilly Hiatt – “Walking Proof”

This song has a late night, alone in the city, guy or girl out of place vibe. They’re trying to make it happen, but at the end of the day, there’s nothing they can do about who they are at heart.

Kip Moore – “Southpaw”

The Southpaw would be a good name for a Western, but since it’s already a boxing movie, maybe The Salt Lake Southpaw or something could work. Either way, I’d love to see Kip star in it, bringing a little surfing swagger to the Wild West.

Charlie Crocket – “Welcome To Hard Times”

Obviously perfect for a Western, perhaps a scene in the town’s bar/casino showing the hardships of the glorified lifestyle. Cigars and whiskey, top hats and card games. Even when they win, they know they’re losing. Welcome to Hard Times…

Paul Cauthen – “Cocaine Country Dancing”

Give me a club scene, rife with drugs, pole dancers, and the club patrons are dancing… and they’re not just loving, but feeling the music. Flashing lights, quick camera cuts and the bass turned up. Give me that right now…

Colter Wall – “The Devil Wears A Suit And Tie”

For this song I’m thinking a drug deal with shady mid-tier dealers meeting up with the big guy in an abandoned junkyard or factory out in the desert.

Like a Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul type meet up with some Canadian Cowboy sprinkled in the background. It might just work…

Koe Wetzel – “Sancho”

Just imagine one of those wild movie scenes where people are acting crazy, things are being broken, authorities are yelling, just a complete mess with “Sancho” in the background. Maybe a guy catches his woman in bed with another man… yeah, I know, perfect right?

Bishop Gunn – “Alabama”

The music video is practically a movie in itself.

The Dark Arts of the Deep South are strong in this one, perfect for something like the first season of True Detective. 

Miranda Lambert – “Locomotive”

This is a getaway scene if I’ve ever heard one. The store’s just been robbed, the guys are hopping in their older, square-fronted convertible, tires will be squealing, the shop owner is busting out with a shotgun, the clerk has the police on the line… Buckle up, it’s gonna be a good one.

John R. Miller – “Fire Dancer”

A man has been travelling, working hard, maybe even chasing dreams, until finally he’s burned out. Laying down on a motel bed, he indulges in the really good stuff, this song playing while he thinks about his life through the haze of a wild trip.

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