Scotty McCreery Releases “Damn Strait,” A Tribute To The King And The Painful Memories Of A Love Gone Wrong

Jeff Ray

Scotty McCreery is a BIG George Strait guy.

According to Scotty, the first concert he ever went to was George Strait, Reba and Lee Ann Womack. (Talk about a stacked lineup).

So it’s only fitting that his new album features a tribute of sorts to the King.

Ahead of the release of his upcoming album, Same Truck, Scotty dropped a new track from the album called “Damn Strait.”

The song is a heartbreaker that tells the story of a relationship gone bad – a relationship that, like many in the ’80s and ’90s, was filled with George Strait tunes as its soundtrack.

“‘Nobody In His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her’
That was her favorite song
She sang along every time it came on

The first time we danced was to ‘Marina Del Rey’
And I fell right there and then
I didn’t want that song to end

‘Baby Blue’ was the color of her eyes
I can still see them in my mind
Probably will for the rest of my life”

This is a relatable one, because pretty much everybody has those songs or artists that they just can’t listen to anymore because of the memories that the song stirs up. It sucks when one of your favorite songs gets ruined for you by something (or more often, somebody) in your past.

“Damn Strait” was written by Trent Tomlinson and Jim Collins, and is one of only two songs on Scotty’s upcoming album that he didn’t have a hand in writing. But once he heard it, he knew he wanted to record it:

“Every now and then you hear a song that sounds so much like you.

I grew up as a huge George Strait fan, and when I heard this song, I raised my hand to say, ‘I want this one.’ Every country fan has a George Strait story, and everyone has a memory attached to their favorite songs.”

Scotty also talked about the song and his love for King George when he stopped by the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast recently, even going as far as to say that “Damn Strait” was his favorite song from the new album.

Same Truck comes out on Friday, September 17, but if you want to get a taste of what to expect from the album, you can check out “Damn Strait” now.

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