California Karen Goes OFF On Most Insane Restaurant Rampage Of All Time

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The uptick of Karens here as of late has been quite alarming.

I mean, at the beginning of the pandemic we saw it every day. Someone going off the rails in Walmart, something throwing a mask fit at the coffee shop, someone getting pissed off and screaming at somebody for being too close to them in line… it was pure chaos.

And granted, there was a lot of unknowns at the beginning, and there still a lot now, but the dust seemed to settle for a while. Until recently…

Now, it seems like every day for the past month I see some middle aged woman going ape shit over the most pointless things, to the point where she loses all self control. I mean, half the time you don’t even know what they’re pissed off about.

Here’s the perfect example… and this one might be for the record books.

Here we have another Karen in Huntington Beach, California, who turns psycho billy ninja at the Market Broiler restaurant, seemingly over masks, but you don’t really know for sure.

She appears to drunk off her ass, few too many happy hour margs, perhaps? But who the hell knows…

She starts pacing around the restaurant, screaming that she’s been “discriminated against.”

Then she accuses a worker of touching her, when she was obviously the one who touched her first and clearly needs to be put in a straight jacket.

The madwoman even goes as far as grabbing cleaner from behind the counter, and spraying it at the staff, throwing menus, throwing the complimentary mints, throwing hands… just a Hall of Fame display of Karen right here.

She continues to yell at workers:

“Are you vaccinated? You have a mandated responsibility to have your f*cking mask on.

I need to see her card. I will sue your asses. She has put me at risk. She’s not wearing a mask.”

Perhaps the funniest part is that she’s not even wearing a mask herself. Of course, it’s because she tells the workers:

“I don’t need a mask. I’m vaccinated, b*tch!”

Don’t look for the logic, it’s nowhere to be found.

I find it hard to believe nobody just wrangled her up like a wild hog and dragged her ass outta there, but hey, some people have a lot more patience than me.

According to a number of comments on the video, the police arrived on scene and the woman was eventually arrested.

Either way, I’ll go as far to say that this woman may have just won “Karen of the Year.”

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A beer bottle on a dock