Logan Mize Drops Latest Single “If You Get Lucky,” Announces New Album ‘Welcome To Prairieville’

Logan Mize holding a guitar

Put some respect on Logan Mize‘s name.

Mize has quietly been putting together a great career in country music, especially after his incredible album Still That Kid dropped in January of this year.

Let me tell you, the project will have you taking a trip down memory lane.

Before Still That Kid it had been since 2017 that we had gotten a full-length album from the Kansas native.

But now, the man is back in the saddle again, releasing three singles over the past two months from his upcoming album, Welcome to Prairieville.

The first song, released July 30, was “George Strait Songs,” and it takes you straight back to small town USA, wishing you were riding down some backroads, driving through corn fields, and blasting some good ol’ George Strait.

Then on August 20 he dropped “It’s About Time,” a song about growing up and being free that takes place in a “sunset like” setting. It’ll make you wish you were kicking back on the porch swing with your significant other too.

And finally he released “If You Get Lucky” this past Friday, a jam that reminds you of the beat of Tom Petty’s song “Learning to Fly” as Mize sings about lessons you learn and the benefits they bring later in life.

The man had a lot to say about the latest single too:

“‘If You Get Lucky’ was the last song we wrote for the album, right at the tail-end of everything.

We were going in the studio, and we felt like we were missing a solid, up-tempo track – like, if you were listening to Tom Petty’s ‘Into the Great Wide Open’ record, what would it sound like if ‘Learning to Fly’ wasn’t on there?

It just wouldn’t be right. That’s kind of where the idea came from, and it ended up being a really collaborative process. All three of us – Dan [Agee], Blake [Chaffin] and myself – each had our own little part in creating it.”

Buckle up, this album’s gonna be a great one.

The full tracklist:

1. George Strait Songs (writers: Blake Chaffin, Logan Mize)
2. Welcome To Prairieville (writers: Blake Chaffin, Logan Mize)
3. River Road (writers: Blake Chaffin, Logan Mize, Tyler Johnson)
4. Wine at the Church, Beer at the Bar (writers: Blake Chaffin, Logan Mize, Jason Blaine)
5. Follow Your Heart (writers: Lynn Hutton, Logan Mize)
6.  I Need Mike (writer: Blake Chaffin)
7. If You Get Lucky (writers: Blake Chaffin, Logan Mize, Daniel Agee)
8.  Tell the Truth (writers: Blake Chaffin, Logan Mize)
9. We Ain’t Broke (writers: Blake Chaffin, Logan Mize)
10. I Still Miss You (writers: Blake Chaffin, Logan Mize, Jill Martin)
11. It’s About Time (writer: Logan Mize)
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