VIDEO: A Herd Of Zebras Is On The Loose In Suburban Maryland

Zebras grazing in a field

Heres a fun fact: A group of zebras is also known as a dazzle.

Heres another fun fact: A dazzle of zebras is on the loose in suburban Maryland.

According to Fox News 5 DC, the dazzle of striped animals was first spotted by residents in the town Upper Marlboro late last week.

The zebras escaped from a private farm. The dazzle of zebras was subsequently captured on camera by a woman who just happened to catch a glimpse of them in the back yard before sending the video to her father. At first they didn’t believe what they were seeing.

“I thought my mind was playing tricks on me.”

I thought maybe you know she’s been in the house too long or she’s having a fever or something. So she says, I’m gonna send you a video.

One of my first thoughts was well maybe somebody had a birthday party and they painted some horses for some four-year-olds or something because there’s no way in the world some zebras could be here in Upper Marlboro just roaming around like deers.”

Authorities first received a report about a zebra running in front of a car on August 31 and then more zebra sightings were reported on September 7th.

On Monday it was reported that the Prince George’s County Animal Control team was setting up a feeding station in hopes of corralling the animals. Its a different technique than trying to subdue a zebra with a taser, which is just what happened when one of the animals was loose in Tennessee earlier this year.

Zebras are legal to own in Maryland under the right circumstances, and more details surrounding the escaped zebras are still being looked into.

Anyone who has more information on the current whereabouts of the zebra dazzle is encouraged to contact Prince George’s County Animal Control.

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