Lauren Alaina Honors Loretta Lynn In The Wake Of Tragic Ranch Flood With “You Ain’t Woman Enough” Cover

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Last week, Loretta Lynn and her team shared devastating news that longtime foreman of her ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, Wayne Spears, had been swept up in the flood waters from record-breaking rainfall and did not survive.

Humphreys county, where the ranch is located, experienced incredible amounts of rainfall within a 24-hour period, totaling 17 inches in one day.

It caused catastrophic damage and destruction to many people across Middle Tennessee. Unfortunately, Wayne was not the only casualty that took place due to the historic flooding.

Here’s a look at some of the land around the ranch during the flooding:

In an effort to raise money for some of the people and families effected by this devastation, the Grand Ole Opry partnered with The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee and the Tennessee Emergency Response Fund to help out some of the nonprofits that are supporting the local relief efforts.

And, during the Saturday show at the Opry, Lauren Alaina payed tribute to Loretta, her family, and all of the family and friends of Wayne by singing one of Loretta’s biggest hits:

“As you may have heard, Opry member Loretta Lynn’s ranch, just 86 miles from here, was heavily damaged by the recent flooding.

Mrs. Loretta’s ranch foreman, Wayne Spears, was among those who lost their lives in the flooding. The Opry established a fund to help all of those effected. You can donate by going to

To honor Loretta and her legacy, I’m gonna tell y’all a story about a little girl who loved Mrs. Loretta Lynn.”

And it’s a pretty freaking funny story.

Lauren used to play music at a local restaurant in her hometown of Rossville, Georgia, to help pay for her softball expenses in school.

Around that same time, her grandma passed away and eventually, her grandpa got a new girlfriend. Like any good grandpa, he was extremely proud of Lauren and actually brought his girlfriend to see her play.

As a protective young granddaughter, Lauren wasn’t having any of it and ended up singing Loretta’s hit “You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My Man)” for the new girlfriend right there in front of everybody:

“My grandmother had passed away and my grandfather got a girlfriend.

And I sang in a restaurant every Wednesday night from 6-9pm for tips so that I could play softball. And my Pawpaw thought it was a good idea to bring her to see me.

And I never saw her again at one of my concerts and this is what I said to her.”

Pretty cut-throat, but I have to admit, I kinda love it.

Check out Lauren’s awesome performance last Saturday:

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