The Steel Woods Announce They Will NOT Require Proof Of Vaccination/Negative COVID Test At Upcoming Shows

The Steel woods - country music
Chris Douglas

As we’ve seen a few country singers make the decision to only allow fully vaccinated and/or negative COVID-tested fans into their shows, there is one group who is very vocal that they will be doing the opposite…

And that is The Steel Woods.

Fresh off a stellar new album, the group posted an image of Johnny Cash pointing at the “ragged ol’ flag” on Instagram on Wednesday, and they’re un-ashamedly announcing that they will not give in to forcing restrictions at their concerts.

Their show in St. Louis on November 5th is requiring those certain restrictions, and they announced that they will be cancelling that show, and gave this message as well:

“We are an American Band with American values. We aim to create music that is healing and play shows for all who want to attend. We believe in an individual’s right to choose what they want to put into their body and that no one should be forced to do anything for their own good in order to go about their lives.

The recent news that AEG and Live Nation venues – and specifically our show in St Louis on 11/5 – will require vaccination or proof of negative test effective beginning of October is not something that we fully support or are willing to comply with.
As a result of this news, we are CANCELLING our show in St Louis on 11/5, and you can expect that we will not participate in any show in the future that requires proof of vaccination or negative COVID test result for entry.

This includes all headline shows, festivals and all shows we are supporting. Expect more updates soon. As for this week, we’ll see y’all in Louisville tomorrow night. We want to see a thriving, healthy society as much as everyone else. We are not against the vaccine. We simply believe that mandating the vaccine is not the way.
We hope that our fans – on both sides of the aisle – understand and respect the decision we have made.  At the end of the day, one of the greatest things about our country is having the freedom to stand up for what we believe.

If that jeopardizes what we have built over the last several years, then so be it. Our Integrity, Freedom and Liberty > Short Term Monetary success. If there is any band that isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and go to work – carving a new path – it’s the members of The Steel Woods band/crew/team. “

So for all of y’all planning on attending one of their shows this fall, you will not need to worry about certain restrictions.

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