Top 15 Things You Need To Prepare For A Fall Camping Trip

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Fall is pretty much here, and while summer like temperatures will be sticking around for a bit, soon it will cool down and tailgate and bonfire season will be here in full swing.

Camping goes hand in hand in with bonfires, but if you’re going to be sleeping out in the woods you want to make sure it’s a warm and comfortable experience or you’re not going to have any fun.

Camping is also an integral part of the hunting experience for a lot of folks too, and it can add an exciting element to any hunt.

Setting up a dove hunting camp or spending a few nights in the woods during deer hunting season is a great way to forge a deeper connection with the great outdoors increase the sense of adventure for any hunt.

So whether you plan on backpacking into the backcountry this fall, setting up a wilderness elk camp, pitching a tent while deer hunting on the farm, or setting up shop at a local campground, here are 15 items from our friends as Bass Pro Shops that will take your experience to the next level.

Crua Outdoors Duo Combo 2-Person Cocoon Tent – $549.99

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The ideal tent for late fall when temperatures start to drop. One of the first rules of camping is that it’s probably going to feel colder than you anticipate it being, even if you check the forecast.

Something about the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere is always chillier than the temperature, so come prepared for your next camping trip with this cocoon tent that comes with an insulated liner to keep you warm and comfortable while you sleep.

Cabela’s Ultimate Alaknak Outfitter Tent – $699.99

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Theres just something about a high walled outfitter tent with a wood burning stove that feels extra outdoorsy. This is an ideal tent if you plan on spending several nights at hunting camp.

Tents like these are an iconic part of hunting culture, and act as a great base camp for recharging your batteries, warming up, and immersing yourself in the wilderness with friends and family.

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe Tent – $499.97

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This canvas tent provides the durability and feel of an old school outfitter tent but with more portability.

A great option for hunting trips or the next family outing, this model can comfortable house up to 5 or 6 people at a time or offer spacious accommodations and storage for smaller groups.

Made from fully waterproof canvas, you don’t need to worry about a rainfly and this tent can easily and quickly be set up by one person.

Cabela’s Mountain Trapper Classic 20° Sleeping Bag – $101.99

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There are lighter weight and more modern sleeping bags on the market, but there is something special about this classic mountain trapper bag. Great for staying warm during a late fall camping trip, this canvas and flannel unit is the quintessential sleeping bag.

Kelty Mistral 40° Mummy Sleeping Bag – $49.99

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This is one of those more modern and lightweight options. Kelty makes fantastic backcountry gear and this sleeping bag is a sleek and portable design that’s easy to stuff in a backpack and warm enough to keep you comfortable on an early fall camping trip.

Grand Trunk Double Deluxe Parachute Hammock – $49.99A green and brown tent

Whether you string one up just to relax or take or a nap, or you plan on sleeping in it for the night, hammocks are great ways to enhance the chill vibes on your next camping trip.

Always size up and elect for the double hammocks even if you’re the only one using it, you won’t regret the extra space and comfort.

Sea to Summit Camp Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad – $99.99

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It doesn’t matter if you’re sleeping on the ground, in a truck bed, a tent, or anywhere else then a pad is a great and easy to way to add some tangible relaxation. This self inflating mat is easy to set up and provides big comfort in a small package.

If you’re sleeping in a hammock, try using a sleeping bad and you’ll notice it provides some extra insulation from the cold air below the hammock as well.

Cabela’s Camp Cot With Organizer – $59.97

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If you’ve never slept on a camping cot, then you’re missing out. A cot like this can make a several night camping trip an almost luxurious experience.

Throw a sleeping bad on the cot to take things to the next level while you enjoy the comfort of sleeping off the ground. This model even makes it easy to stay organized in the woods with built in storage components.

Cabela’s Single Deluxe Tent Cot – $249.99

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Roll your cot and your tent all into one with this incredible piece of equipment. Deluxe is in the name of the product and they ain’t lying. This is a fantastic one person set up that shields you from the elements and provides the ultimate set up in wilderness comfort.

Bass Pro Shops Eclipse Folding Rocking Chair – $69.99

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George Jones once sang “I don’t need your rocking chair…” But he wasn’t talking about this rocking chair. Because you need this rocking chair.

Perfect for sitting in and enjoying a sunrise and a cup of coffee or cold beer and a sunset by the campfire, you’re going to want this chair to kick back in and relax while enjoying your next adventure in the great outdoors.

Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffeemaker – $99.99

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Just because you wake up in the woods, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to a cup of coffee or two to get your engine going for the day.

Bring this propane powered unit on your next camping trip and wake up right with a warm cup of coffee while watching the sunrise in your new rocking chair.

Bass Pro Shops Campfire Percolator – $59.99

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If you like that old fashioned campfire coffee taste, then go with this classic stainless steel percolator. Big enough to cook up 14 cups of coffee, you can get a pot together for the whole campsite.

You can’t camp without coffee, and folks have been using percolators like this to brew their beans for two centuries.

TrueTimber Camo Folding Table – $24.99

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Take the convenience of your living room to the campsite with this pop up coffee table. Built in cup holders hold your beverages tight to prevent any spillage.

Set this up around the campsite or sit around for a game of cards, but this table is an easy way to make your campsite feel more like home.

Coleman Triton 2-Burner Propane Stove – $99.99

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You can’t camp without cooking something, because there’s something about cooking in the woods that make the adventure even better. This classic Coleman stove has become an iconic piece of American camping culture.

Coleman has been making quality camping products like this for more than 120 years, so you know your getting something good when it has that logo on it.

Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer 100-Quart Cooler – $399.99


Cooler technology has changed the camping game. When you can keep ice frozen for days on end, the possibilities of what you can put in your cooler has evolved.

Add this classic khaki cooler to take your next camping trip to the next level.

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