Kip Moore Recalls One Of The Craziest Things That’s Ever Happened To Him On Stage

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When you’re a touring musician, you’re bound to have hundreds of thousands of fan encounters over the years. Most of them good, a few bad ones here and there, and the occasional on-stage moment that just makes you laugh your ass off.

I stumbled across an old video of Kip Moore at an appearance for the CMA Songwriters Series in Boston back in 2013, and he tells one of the funniest stories I’ve ever heard involving his hit song “Hey Pretty Girl.”

With the help of a little liquid courage, he started in on the story of one of the wildest things a fan has ever yelled from the crowd:

“I gotta tell y’all this right quick. It’s a true story, true story. And I’m sorry, I know this is being recorded and I said something bad earlier, forgive me. I get to drinkin’ sometimes and shit just flies.”

During this particular event, he’s joined on stage by Miranda Lambert, who’s also known to let some choice words fly after a few drinks:

“I gotta similar, like bloodline that Miranda gets, when I get to drinkin’ shit just flies. Anyways, this is a true story, and I’m sorry, if this offends any woman, this shit was funny to me.”

The story starts as Kip found himself playing for a sold-out crowd in Reno, Nevada a few months prior:

“I’m playing a show in Reno Nevada, this was probably three months ago. And somebody recently asked me what’s the funniest, craziest thing that’s ever happened to you while you’ve been on the road.

I said well, one night, we were in Reno and I was playing this song, and I mean, it was the quietest I had ever had a crowd.

It was a sold-out crowd, and it was probably 2,500 people, a little more than this, and there was a balcony right above me. And, uh, it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

And I got to this part in the song, which to me is the most crucial part of the song, the most powerful part of the song, where it says “our babies got your eyes”. And some girl from the audience, and I could not finish the song ‘cuz I was laughing so hard, it’s so quiet.”

Of all the things to say during this part in the song, some girls says, ‘Kip, show us your balls!'”.

I mean, can you even imagine? Like he said, the room is dead silent, you can hear a pin drop, and he’s singing such an emotional track about love and life… it’s usually such a sweet moment.

It’s just priceless.

“I could not finish. I couldn’t remember where I was in the song, the crowd got to laughin’ so hard, and I was like, ‘Really, of all the things to say right there, that’s what came to your head?’

But anyways, I had to say that, I’ve never told that story in public but there you go. If I hadn’t been drinkin’, I would’ve never told that story.”

The video where he’s recounting the tale is going on almost 10 years old now, but I feel like he’d probably still be able to tell the entire thing today as if it just happened. It doesn’t seem like the kind of story you just forget.

And, he ends it with a very legitimate question by asking the obvious here:

“I mean, did she really think that I was just gonna unzip my pants and do that?”

If you need a good laugh today, listen to him tell it for yourself:

And, an uninterrupted version of the stunning song:

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