Craig Morgan & John Rich Defend Carrie Underwood After Twitter Outrage

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You knew John Rich would have something to say, but Craig Morgan is weighing in as well.

Carrie Underwood found herself the target of Twitter outrage earlier this week after she “liked” a tweet from conservative commentator Matt Walsh (who I’ve honestly never eve heard of) opposing a proposed mask mandate in schools.

The tweet featured a video of Walsh’s speech to the Metro Nashville Public School board regarding the mask mandate for children. It also included the caption:

Here is my speech to the Nashville School Board where I spoke out against the cruel and indefensible mask mandate for children.”

And despite the conversation having nothing to do with vaccinations, Twitter immediately went after Carrie, labeling her “anti-mask,” “anti-vaxx,” “dangerous,” and overall, calling for her to be “canceled,” among other things.

On her most recent tweet, congratulating her home state on the Little League Softball World Series win, the comments are still filled with folks demanding response, an apology, or just chiming in to share their overall disdain.

However, it’s not all hate as many fans have come to her defense.

And that includes fellow country singers Craig Morgan and John Rich.

Craig shared his thoughts on Instagram with the following caption:

“Wow I’m late seeing this. Just so I’m clear, Carrie liked a tweet and some folks don’t like that she liked it. Welcome to America where everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Whether you like it or not.

Carrie is one of the kindest people I know in our business with a heart for everyone and that’s what should be liked.”

John Rich, a very outspoken Conservative, also shared his support for Carrie as well:

And to put the entire conversation into context, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee recently signed Executive Order 84 that requires all schools in Tennessee to allow parents to opt their children out from mask requirements.

However, Shelby County Schools and Metro Nashville Public Schools have stated that all students will still be required to wear them.

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