San Francisco City Officials Looking For Woman Who Won’t Stop Feeding Coyotes By Hand

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San Francisco is full of people who routinely make questionable decisions. Just choosing to willingly live there is a questionable decision of its own.

But this lady is either really dumb or so out of touch with reality that she has no clue how dumb she is.

This woman was recently photographed feeding raw meat to coyotes by hand. San Francisco Animal Control officials are now reportedly looking for her and turning to social media for help identifying her.

The picture was taken at Bernal Heights Park, which is located on Bernal Hill, one of the highest elevations in the city. This lady must have been pretty high too if she thought this was a good idea.

She apparently packed up a tray full of raw meat, wrapped it aluminum foil to keep it fresh, and then hit the park to try and feed some potentially dangerous wild animals by hand. The same lady is suspected of also feeding coyotes by hand at the nearby McLaren Park as well. What a waste of perfectly good beef. Let the coyotes eat roadkill.

San Francisco doesn’t have a huge a coyote population, but most of the coyotes that do live there are concentrated in city parks. Estimates for the number of song dogs in the city ranges from 75-100, but reports of the coyotes losing their fear of humans are increasing.

Coyotes in the area are reportedly bothering children more and more, and earlier this year federal officers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service were called on to euthanize a coyote that was deemed as public safety threat after it charged a group of toddlers as many as 5 different times. The coyote was believed to be accustomed to receiving food from humans and grew agitated when the toddlers didn’t offer it anything to eat.

An aggressive coyote in another suburban  part of town bit 5 different people, 3 adults and 2 kids. DNA tests from each of the attacks confirmed that the same coyote was responsible. In February, the same coyote attacked a 3-year-old girl and left wounds throughout her body. She was reportedly traumatized by the incident and required several medical procedures including four rounds of rabies treatment.

That poor girl didn’t deserve to be attacked by a coyote. This lady who keeps feeding them meat by hand? She probably does deserve to be attacked by a coyote, so let’s hope she comes to her senses before that happens.

According to SF Gate News, city police officers used to shoot coyotes that crossed the Golden Gate Bridge. Once that practice stopped, coyotes starting building dens within city limits. As the number of dens increased, so too did the number of complaints about coyotes bothering people and killing pets.

Amy Corso, the field services supervisor for the city’s Animal Care & Control Department thinks people are more to blame than the animals themselves. She said that the lady feeding coyotes is a major problem that needs to be addressed.

“We’re getting more reports of people being uncomfortable with the amount of [coyote] sightings, seeing them walking by so close to them.

This is 100 percent a human problem. We have too many people feeding coyotes or trying to befriend them. Ultimately it ends badly for the wildlife. 

We need to reach her to put a stop to this behavior.”

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