Josh Abbott And His Wife Taylor Team Up With Other Texas Country Artists To Help Teachers Clear Their Classroom Supplies List

It’s pretty clear that sometimes the hard work that teachers put in on a daily basis can sometimes go unnoticed (especially this past year).

All of the money they drop on school supplies, along with the extra help they give students, often gets overlooked.

But Josh Abbott and his wife, Taylor, are teaming up with several other Texas artists and their wives to help teachers out as the school year gets started again – specifically, teachers in Texas and Oklahoma.

Dubbed “Troubadours For Teachers,” the group includes Alyssa and John Baumann, Haley and Cody Cannon, Jillian and Kolby Cooper, Melinda and Casey Donahew, Staci and Evan Felker, Kori and Pat Green, Chelsea and Randy Rogers, and Kim and Aaron Watson.

And together, they’re spearheading a campaign to raise money to help teachers buy supplies and “clear the list” before the school year kicks off.

As the group says in their GoFundMe:

“In recent years we have seen an increase in awareness that our public school educators need more financial support for their classrooms. Teachers are often forced to spend money out of their own pockets to supply the classroom with resources needed to maximize the educational experience. The Texas country music scene has come together as a united group to bring awareness to our teachers needs and provide assistance, specifically here in Texas and Oklahoma.”

While this year’s fundraiser is specifically for teachers in Texas and Oklahoma, the group says that they hope to grow the campaign enough to expand to other states in the coming years.

You gotta love it when you see a number of people who’ve seen a ton of fame in their careers give back to the communities who made them who they are.

Teachers can create their lists on and submit them to the group via email, and if you’d like to donate or want more information on the worthy cause, you can check out their website here.

Oh, and Josh also threw down a challenge to a few fellow Texans, asking Matthew McConaughey, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Congressman Dan Crenshaw to each donate $500 to help out.

Troubadours for Teachers – you love to see it.

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