Florida Cop Hops In The Back Of A Random Pickup Truck To Chase Down A Fleeing Suspect

All hands on deck.

It’s always a crazy moment when you’re caught in the middle of a crime scene, or in the middle of a cop chase. Hell, I remember driving past some apartments one night and there was a police shootout going on… talk about terrifying.

This incident however, much more comical.

Cars on the interstate in Miami, Florida, found themselves in a sticky situation, as a guy was running away from the cops on the side of the road, heading up an exit ramp.

Sure enough, only a few seconds later, you see a cop chasing from behind.

However, the cop was a good ways back from the suspect, didn’t appear to be gaining any ground, and it was next to impossible for him to chase the guy in his squad car due to all the traffic.

So what does he do? He just hops in the bed of a random pickup truck, and they go track down the fleeing suspect together.

And according to witnesses, they got him.

“This happened on 826, eastbound, on the beaches exit of 441 and 95, not sure who the guy is, but he jumped onto the highway and was trying to hop into people’s cars, ducking down behind cars, and begging to get a ride.

The then started running up the hill, and that’s when we noticed the cop chasing him, the suspect was getting away, and a guy in a pickup truck told the officer to hop in the back, he then pulled up the hill where he stopped, and the officer chased him under the overpass.

I was later told by someone else who witnessed it but her phone was dead, that the officer did catch up to the suspect and arrested him, they were seen walking back up the hill out of breath.”

Talk about a wild scene, but who am I kidding? This is a Tuesday in Florida…

My only wish, the driver would’ve went off road and barreled down the hill after the suspect.

Of course, down in Texas, they use their trucks a little differently to help out the local PD…

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