Charley Crockett Releases Banjo Boot-Stomper, “Round This World”

Bobby Cochran

Talk about a boot-stomper on a Friday.

Charley Crockett has been all around the world. As a traveling musician, he spent the early part of his career cutting his teeth and playing on the streets in just about every state, as well as Europe, and was homeless or borderline homeless most of the time.

You can hear about that more, as he went in-depth about his experiences as a busking musician on the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast.

But now, Crockett gives us a peak of his experiences with a banjo-filled boot stomper, “Round This World,” which dropped today.

The man himself shared the backstory behind the song, and how he got his first banjo:

“I first started up on the banjo as a street player when the guitar I was playing got snapped in half outside a folk club in Greenwich village years back.

Somebody felt bad about it and gave me a kind of throwaway banjo and I messed with it for about four months before I got another guitar. Since then, I’ve always kept one with me.

I’ve written a lot of songs on banjo even if they eventually get recorded on guitar. The instrument makes a sound to me that just feels like a person’s voice. Now, I don’t have a license to play to be honest with you but that don’t stop me from making noise.

‘Round This World’ just sort of came to me traveling down the highway one day. I started playing it with the band at the end of our shows almost immediately. It doesn’t sound like anything else on this album. If you listen close, you’ll notice it’s a song from the grave. Those are some of my favorites to sing.” 

It’s hard to find anybody out there who’s been through what Crockett has been through, and it’s reflected in his music. I mean, the stories are endless. That’s one of the main things that sets the singer apart from everybody else.

“Round This World” is the second single from Crockett’s upcoming album Music City USA, set for release on September 17th. It will be Crockett’s second album this year and his 10th in six years… the dude is just a workhorse.

He released a badass video to the song as well.

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