Morgan Wallen Sends Encouraging Video To Young Fan Who Was Severely Injured After Being Struck By A Drunk Driver

Morgan Wallen wearing a white shirt and a green hat

You gotta love when celebrities take time to acknowledge their fans who are going through difficult times.

It shows us a different side to them than what we often get to see, and allows us to realize that they are people just like us too.

This reigned true for Morgan Wallen, as one mother shared a touching story about their daughter, Caila, who was struck by a drunk driver a little over a year ago. According to the family, since awakening from her coma, Caila has become a big fan of Morgan, even insisting that he’s her “forever love.”

Well Morgan got word of Caila’s story and sent her a touching video wishing her well, saying that he hopes to get to meet her soon.

Here’s the full story from Caila’s parents:

“As many of you know, our beautiful daughter was the passenger in a car that was struck by a drunk driver a little over a year ago. She has come so far in such a short time and her progress has been truly a miracle. She is still confined to a wheelchair, but she’s a fighter!

We believe one day she will walk again because she’s very determined and her perseverance is unbelievable. One thing that has helped motivate and push Caila to get better throughout this difficult journey is listening to music.

If you’ve followed our journey you also know that Caila has had a crazy obsession with Shawn Mendes for years. Well that all changed since coming out of her coma. She has grown to love and adore country superstar Morgan Wallen. Yes- even more than Shawn!

She liked Morgan before the accident but since the accident she has been obsessing over him and his music more and more. (If you haven’t listened to his music, you’re missing out!) I know I’ve said this in a previous update, but Caila now insists that Shawn Mendes was her “young love” and Morgan is her “forever love”.

For months she has played Morgan’s music on repeat at home, in the car and also in therapy. She even planned a “Morgan concert” with her therapist in speech therapy where she’s going to sing all of her favorite Morgan songs sometime this summer. To her there’s just something special about this boy from East Tennessee. Not only is his music amazing, but he is amazing!

You won’t believe what he did… Morgan took time from his busy schedule and made Caila’s dreams come true! He sent her this sweet video message that he made especially for her! To say she was over the moon is an understatement and it brought us to tears to think someone like Morgan would do something so sweet and kind for our girl! We’re still speechless and in shock.

Morgan Wallen THANK YOU for being you and doing what you do! Not only are you an amazingly talented artist, but you’re an even better person! We cannot thank you enough for making Caila’s awful year a whole lot better!

From the bottom of our hearts…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You have given Caila and our family a beautiful memory that we will cherish forever and it means the world to us!

P.S. Thank you to everyone (you know who you are) that made this happen!”

You love to see it.

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