Police Report Reveals More Details On Alleged Assault Involving Heath Sanders And Fellow Artist Kristy Lee

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There’s more information available in regards to the incident involving Heath Sanders and Kristy Lee in a police report released by the Decatur police department.

Kristy Lee Livermore accused Sanders of assaulting her and using homophobic slurs against her at Eddie’s Attic this past Saturday night.

According to the police report obtained by Whiskey Riff, Livermore did not know Sanders was performing after her set was over. She realized someone had moved her guitar, which was done so Sanders’ crew could prepare for their set.

When she realized someone had moved her guitar, she decided to go to the green room and ask Sanders and his band member Casey Paraday about it.

It appears as though that’s when things escalated and the physical encounter took place:

“She apologized for holding up their set and then asked who moved her guitar. Neither Paraday or Sanders said anything. She said whoever moved her guitar was a bad bad boy for moving her guitar.

Sanders responded by saying she should have moved her shit off the stage. After that, Livermore said the situation went from zero to a hundred. She told Sanders that she was going to get her shit out of the greenroom.

She walked towards her guitar case, that was next to Sanders, and he stood up in her face. She reached around Sanders for the guitar.

Sanders struck her in the side of the face at least three times causing her bandana to fall over her eyes, She said he had her by the throat on the couch. Livermore was unsure how the incident ended and believed a person (Paraday) intervened.

She grabbed her things and went to the lobby and told the manager on duty.” 

Officer Velez, who conducted the report, said he only observed that Livermore’s ear was red, but no other physical marks were present.

The officer asked if she wanted medical attention, which she declined.

She then stated that she wanted to press charges:

“I again asked if she needed medical attention. She declined. When asked if she was willing to prosecute, she asked me what I thought. I told her it was her decision.

She stated that she wished to prosecute. She further stated that she wanted to file a report because of the unknown injuries that she could have received and because she believes Sanders was frustrated about the number of gay people he had to deal with at the club.

Livermore could not recall what Sanders said, but stated he was very homophobic.”

Police then spoke to Sanders, who recalled the incident differently.

According to Sanders in the police report, Livermore came to the green room upset over the fact that his crew had moved her stuff, which was done because she had gone over by 30 minutes.

When she went to retrieve her guitar case from his crew, Sanders stated that she was the first one to confront him in a physical way by grabbing his shirt.

“Livermore entered the green room where he and Paraday were both seated. She apologized for holding up their set. She said now that she got that out of the way, “whoever touched my guitar and moved it, that’s a fucking no no.”

Sanders responded by saying she was thirty minutes over and that she left her shit on stage and they have a job to do. He said if she didn’t want her stuff touched to get it off the stage. He said he became pissed off. She entered the room and walked past his bandmate (Paraday) to retrieve her guitar. Sanders said her guitar case was to the left of where he was seated right behind him. He said all she had to do was ask him to pass it to her and he would have done so.

She walked towards Sanders and said, ‘as a guitar player mother fucker you should know better than to touch someone’s mother fucking guitar.’ Sanders then stood up. As soon as Sanders stood up, Livermore grabbed his shirt with both her hands above his torso, which he considered to be an assault.

Sanders responded by grabbing Livermore by the neck and pushing her against the wall. Sanders said he did not strike her, but he did push her out of the way by the neck and shirt collar and said, ‘ma’am calm down or I’m going to change your life.’

He told Livermore you don’t assault a man or woman or anybody. His bandmate, Paraday, came and grabbed him by the shoulder and told him to quit. He let go of Livermore and told her to get the fuck out of his green room. Livermore left the green room.”

The officer also got a statement from crew member Casey Paraday, who gave a similar account to Sanders stating that Livermore started the physical confrontation in the green room:

“Livermore opened the door and apologized for leaving her stuff on stage. She then stated whoever moved her guitar off stage, that was a big no no. They responded by saying she shouldn’t have left her stuff on the stage.

Paraday said she kept going and going, egging on the situation. She then entered the room to retrieve her guitar case and grabbed Sanders with her hands to push him out of the way.

Paraday observed Sanders grab (showing me with two hands extended out) her and set her down and held her there.

He said no punches or anything were thrown. Sanders told her to never put her hands on anyone. Paraday said that was it and she left the room to talk to management staff.”

The officer spoke to Jenna, who is part of the management team at Eddie’s Attic. Jenna confirmed that she did not see anything happen in the green room, but did see Livermore walk into the lobby upset soon after the confrontation.

According to the police report, a primary aggressor could not be determined due to the conflicting statements.

Lee shared her side of the story on Instagram:

Sanders has personally responded to the allegations in a statement on Twitter:


Though there have been reports of video of the incident on social media, nothing has been released thus far.

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