Eric Church Jumps Into The Crowd At CCMF: “I’ve Been Dreaming About Nights Like This Right Here”

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When Eric said he’s “been dreaming about nights like this” at a festival over the weekend, I felt that…

Getting on stage and playing music for his fans again is something he’s been looking forward to for quite some time, and this weekend marks the first festival he’s played at since almost two years ago.

He was a headliner at Carolina Country Music Fest on Saturday night in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

In typical Eric fashion, as he’s known to do often, he hopped into the crowd during his set to speak from his heart about how thankful he was to be doing what he loves most:

“For all of the pandemic, I’ve been dreaming about nights like this right here. Where we can all gather again, where we can all be together and we can all just be us.

This is the first night since 2019 that I’ve been able to do this right here. I love nothin’ more than doin’ this right here.

Thank you Myrtle Beach. You guys kick some serious ass here on the Grand Strand. I’m not done yet, I’m not done… You gotta help me out with this part here.”

It gives you chills to see him back out it in the crowd so amped up after what’s felt like forever.

From there, he went into the chorus of “Springsteen” and encouraged the crowd to sing along.

I think hearing The Chief touch on how elated he was to be at a concert again serves as a great reminder for all of us who have been dying to see live music again that it’s here to stay (fingers crossed).

And hopefully now, we’ll all be able to appreciate it just a little bit more:

Wise words from Chief, per the usual.

He also hit the stage last weekend at his first concert since COVID and sang some tracks from his newest album, Heart & Soul.

But at CCMF, he sang an oldie that will get you fired UP.

Check him out performing “How ‘Bout You” this weekend, too:

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