Matthew McConaughey Tells Garth And Trisha How He Met His Wife In Flip Flops, Making A 13-Minute Margarita Order

Matthew McConaughey, Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood

Another day, another look inside the life of Matthew McConaughey.

Mr. Alright Alright Alright himself made a virtual appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show a few days ago, which ironically enough, was guest hosted by Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks (I like that).

They kick off the convo as Trisha and McConaughey discuss his starring role in the video for her hit song “Walkaway Joe,” with Trisha joking that she basically “started his career” – and now he’s more famous than she is.

The conversation ranges from family life, to cooking, to his best selling book Greenlights.

But then, he finally gives us the story we’ve all been waiting for:

How he met his wife, Camila.

McConaughey tells Mrs. Yearwood and G about being at a club one night when approached the bar for a drink. He got stuck behind a guy he described with a “Rasta hat, long curly blonde hair, short sleeve shirt, shorts, and flip flops” who was going through a 13-minute long recipe of what kind of margarita he wanted from the bartender.

(I want to go to whatever kind of club McConaughey is hanging out in).

And as he was waiting for the guy to finish his ridiculous drink order, McConaughey began to hit it off with his future wife in line.

I bet he’s thankful for that guy in the Rasta hat now, especially because (plot twist) McConaughey was the guy in the Rasta hat and flip flops ordering a ridiculous margarita.

McConaughey Entering Into Politics?

McConaughey was then asked about the noise surrounding his possible run for governor for the state of Texas, and he had this to say:

“Well I’ll tell you this, I’ve been asked that question a lot lately and my answer is the same.

It’s something I’m trying to look in the eye and give honest consideration. What an awesome privilege, awesome responsibility, awesome position of sacrifice in service, something to consider.”

He goes on to say that he’s approaching a new phase in his life, and he’s trying to figure out where he sees his skill sets working out best in order to help others.

So it sounds like McConaughey is truly taking this whole governor thing into consideration.

I mean, who else would you rather see running the state of Texas?

If I lived there, he’d have my vote 1,000%.

Check out the full interview here:

And since we’re at it, take a look at one of McConaughey’s original acting performances in Trisha’s “Walkaway Joe” music video:

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A beer bottle on a dock