Cody Jinks Says He Recorded Nearly 30 Songs Last Month, New Album (Or Albums) Out THIS FALL

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Jason Deramo

The recording is FINISHED.

Last month, Cody and the gang went into the studio, the iconic Sonic Ranch Recording Studio in Tornillo, Texas, and it sounds like they put in some WORK.

According to a Facebook post from Cody, they spent the month recording and wound up with just shy of 30 new songs for his upcoming country project.

The only thing left to do now is pick out a dozen to put on the album.

“Recorded nearly 30 country songs during the month of May… Have 12 empty slots, so we will find out soon enough which 12 make the to be named country album!

Expect the new album to land this October or November. We are releasing it 100% indie. No label. No distribution company.

Nothing, but team Jinks and team True Grit via my Late August Records label. Perfect.”

Ward Davis Weighs In On New Rock Album

Not so fast…

Cody said he recorded nearly 30 “country songs,” and that twelve are going on the “country record,” but according to his good buddy/writing partner/tourmate Ward Davis, Cody also has a rock/metal project on the way.

Named “Caned By Nod,” the brand new rock band (signed to True Grit) has a new album coming this fall as well.

“10 songs in the bank. The “Caned By Nod” debut album will properly melt your faces off in all the best ways possible. Coming this October or November.”

So are we going to get another double dose of Cody this fall? A country album and a rock album?

Of course, any true Cody Jinks fan knows that he got his start in a metal band called Unchecked Aggression, and that he’s promised on more than one occasion that he would be releasing another rock album sometime in the near future.

Either way, there’s A LOT to be excited about on the Cody Jinks front.

Cody Jinks Has Been Busy

Back in August of last year, he hinted at a TON of new music including a Christmas album, a cover album, a rock album, a new Jinks album and more.

Here’s a snippet of what he said:

Just finished an Acoustic Album with the band and it is stacked full of our biggest songs. Not sure when it is coming out, but it’ll be this year. Followed that album up with a Lefty Frizzell cover album, which has been on my to do list for some time. Super stoked about it.

I’ve been writing non-stop with some incredibly talented writers before and during this Covid shit… and have more than enough new material to record a few albums. We’ll start recording those in a month or so. Don’t worry, we have a Covid plan. Covid sucks by the way.

A Double Live Jinks album that is a collection of songs from various cities over the year. Since the holidays are right around the corner, we came to the conclusion that a Christmas EP is in order.

Almost forgot, we finished up an EP that will come out this year. I’m not saying I’ve been writing some rock music… I’m not saying I have a catalogue of rock songs I’ve been stacking up for years… But let’s say I did say that, now what? We’ll see.

That acoustic album was FIRE by the way…

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