Brooke Eden And Girlfriend Hilary Hoover Surprise Each Other With Dual Proposals

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Country singer Brooke Eden and her girlfriend of five years, Hilary Hoover, pulled off a seemingly impossible task recently: dual surprise proposals.

And, seeing as pulling off just one surprise engagement seems hard enough, why would they decide to do two?

Well, Brooke told People that they wanted it to mirror their relationship:

“Our thing has always been 50/50. We started dating on Dec. 8, 2015, and by Christmas of 2015, I had bought us matching necklaces that said ’50/50.’

That’s just how equally yoked we’ve been since the very beginning.”

So, they had always planned on both of them proposing to each other. It was just a matter of timing.

Hilary (who is now apart of Garth Brooks’ team), made the first move. She woke Brooke up one day with a card telling her they were flying out of Nashville to one of their favorite vacation spots in Sedona, Arizona. Of course, Brooke was immediately suspicious and started asking lots of questions about a potential engagement.

When they arrived at the resort, they were missing luggage which contained all of their clothing for the trip. They had managed to put a few bathing suits in their carry on, so Hilary improvised and decided she would just propose at the private pool outside of their room.

She pulled out another card and gave it to Brooke, which read:

“I’ve been giving you cards all day long because I knew I wouldn’t have the words to say, so I guess this would be the time to ask, will you be my wife?”

Obviously, Brooke said yes and they managed to recreate some breathtaking photos once all of their luggage finally arrived. Though it wasn’t exactly what Hilary had planned, Brooke didn’t care, saying:

Then, it was Brooke’s turn. Coincidentally, as it turns out, she had already been planning her proposal which took place the following weekend in Nashville.

Hilary just thought they were doing an interview with People when she had to have her hair and makeup done professionally and get dressed to the nines. Brooke had a friend get their dog, Dolly, there to bring out the rings on a collar right as Brooke got down on one knee.

Then, right after she said yes, Hilary’s family and friends surprised her at the rooftop hotel where the engagement took place. She had no idea any of them were in town, but couldn’t have been more thrilled to have them there for such a special moment, as she says:

“It was just the cherry on top of all of it.”

And yes, I did mean rings… as in more than one.

Actually, Brooke has a grand total of four stackable rings and Hilary has five that are similar. They picked them out months ago, and you can see them in the photos below.

Scroll to the fifth one to see a close-up. They’re just absolutely stunning (I know y’all want to see the rings). When I first saw the photo of them, my jaw dropped:

It’s quite impressive that they were able to pull this off. And, from the photos, it looks like both proposals were equally beautiful.

I don’t really know how they did it, but hopefully for their sake, there’s only going to be one wedding. I hear those can be an absolute nightmare to plan…

They’re shooting for a date sometime next year.

And, just a few weeks ago, Brooke released the music video for her song “Got No Choice”, which features her now-fiancée, Hilary.

Check it out:

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